Sunday, March 24, 2013

random acts of arty kindness

i met artist noelle horsfield in stephanie levy's creative courage online course. we hit it off with a similar liberal bent and sense of humor and became friends on facebook. and noelle asked me recently if i would help her out with a little art project she's got going on.

she wants to leave little works of art in random places for people to find and she asked me if would place some in denmark. of course i immediately said yes! well, they arrived this weekend from kentucky and i couldn't resist photographing them before i set them out into the world.

aren't they sweetest little tiny houses you've ever seen? (and odin knows i've seen a lot of really cute tiny houses.) it's going to be a little bit hard for me to abandon them, i think. i sent three pieces home with karoline, husband's eldest daughter, for her to place around copenhagen.

i kept four myself to place in my area. i already have an idea for two of them, but the others, i think i'll carry with me and i'll know when the right spot beckons. i'm so pleased to be able to help noelle out with her project. it reminds me quite a lot of a similar project that my friend lisa is doing as well. and it makes me want to make something to leave as well. i love the idea of randomly treating someone to a little piece of art. such a inspiring project!

oh, and i get to keep the little bunny - isn't that perfect?


rayfamily said...

Fun! I love it! I wish there were little bits of art like that to find here :). Oh, and your light! It's energizing! We're cloudy with more flurries!

julochka said...

@amy - we may have had light, but it was cold, cold, cold!! i'm so ready for spring!