Wednesday, August 14, 2013

a morning wander with the camera

somewhere along the way, i got out of the habit of a morning wander in the garden with my camera in hand. maybe we had such a sunny, glorious summer that i began to take it for granted.

a few days of blustery wind and rain and much cooler temperatures have us thinking of autumn, so when it was sunny this morning, i grabbed the camera and headed out for a wander in the garden. this year, i don't dread autumn like i usually do because we had a real summer. that makes such a difference!

and besides, with autumn comes our raspberries, which are the late sort. the first few are ready, but so far it's only enough for a taste as i wander the garden.

not even enough to toss onto a bowl of yogurt and müsli. but they will come soon enough.

our mirabella tree is loaded this year after not having any at all for the past couple of years. i wonder why that is? i guess the conditions were just right this year. i've already made one batch of mirabella jam from some i got from a friend, but i'll soon make more, as we have a market coming up at the end of the month and i want to sell such things there.

the barley in the field next door must be nearly ready to harvest. but for now, we get to enjoy the golden expanse.

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Jess said...

Hello from Alaska. We also had an unusually sunny and HOT summer. It has been terrific. It's been a bit rainy the last few days and it really does make it feel like autumn is in the air here as well. Funny how our weather and seasons seem to be so similar (as last summer was one of the coldest/wettest on record for us). I hadn't thought about it until I read your post but I also haven't taken the camera out as much for pictures of the smaller, dew drops, etc.
Lovely pics as always. Hoping for another sunny weekend for you to enjoy :)