Monday, August 12, 2013

girl power in lego minifigure form

medusa (series 10)
librarian (look here to see how someone played around with this one) (series 10)
grandma and her cat (series 11)
girl scientist (series 11)
diner waitress (series 11) (love, love, love her skates)
girl skier (series 8)
bride (series 7)
warrior girl (series 10)
red cheerleader (series 8)
hollywood starlet (marilyn?) (series 9)
fairy (series 8) - awesome detail on this one!
olympic swimmer (series 7)
girl viking (series 7)
girl viking's braids are so cool, i had to show you another shot of her
i shared my little lego minifigure obsession with you awhile ago, but since then, a couple few more have come to the join the fold. these are just some of the girls. it's a rather fun obsession - you buy a packet and don't know which one you're getting. there are communities which report on the minifigures before they come out and which have all kinds of tips for feeling up the packages to try to get the one you want. it's so much fun. i think we're going to need to find another typecase drawer to display them all. tho' half the fun for me is photographing them and finding a certain one that i know someone else wants or will love. like the librarian, i'm taking her to my friends at the library today. i don't have to keep them all in my own collection (well, except for the viking girl and the forest maiden and a couple of others i haven't shown you yet). it's enough to have photographed them, actually.

what do you collect? and how do you keep it under control?


Molly said...

You are too good. I don't even want my children playing with mine (all 7 of them), let alone give any away.
If a typecase drawer is also a printer's tray then I've also thought of that display option, but the genuine ones don't have enough right-sized 'shelves'. There are some beautiful made for minifigure ones on Pinterest tho ...
Yours still haven't arrived, I probably shouldn't worry yet, but I'm SO IMPATIENT.

julochka said...

@Molly, I am starting to worry a little bit that they haven't arrived! even when we get eBay stuff from China it doesn't take this long!