Saturday, August 03, 2013

when i am old i shall have a yellow pantry door

the pantry portion of my new kitchen is soon ready to start putting all of those cordials i've been making on shelves. husband sourced some cool old doors for the kitchen and i'm painting the one for the pantry a bright, sunny yellow. it will be on a wall that's otherwise painted with black chalkboard paint, so i think it's going to look really cool. it's going to be a sliding door, a bit like this pin. the other doors in the kitchen will also be painted bright, wow colors. i took my kitchen-aid mixer down to the paint shop and had her mix up a red to match for the door into the laundry room. i've yet to decide the other two. 

* * *

honestly, i love that the russians granted asylum to snowden.
the guy should be given a medal for the unlawful acts he's exposed. 

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a group of bloggy friends is going to take food & culture
 and a writing course from the free online catalog available from MIT. 
if you'd like to join us, click this:

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i loved this piece on the daily routines of 12 writers.

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let's do this to all the walmarts.

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read about the awesomeness of the farm where we got our molly cat last summer.
it makes me sad that no one in this country thinks like that.


Michelle said...

great catching up with you - and just to let you know... COURSERA is a good source for open content courses - and they are actively running... seems like the MIT links are to the course material, without the instructor and the deadlines... just FYI.. re MOOC massive open online courses. Michelle (not Madison, but Toronto!)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'd love to see progress photos of the kitchen. Considering when last I saw it it was literally a big hole in the ground!
I love the yellow door :)