Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the color in my life

after going over to the dark side over the past year and wearing black and grey all the time, i find that whenever i wander past any store that has a colorful display, i am totally drawn to it.

today, it was a lovely little yarn shop on klosterstræde in copenhagen--bette design. i took this picture of the gorgeous yarn on display there. and the woman who runs the shop was lovely. friendly, kind, ok that we were just beginners. so encouraging and positive and full of good advice.

i bought a gorgeous ball of rainbow yarn that i'm going to turn into scarf as my first project. she had one in the window and advised that it would make a great first project and it would give me confidence to move to the more difficult "swiss cheese" scarf draped on the mannequin next to it. also in rainbow yarn, but only in the blue and green hues. i think it will be wonderful, working with such gorgeous materials--the softness of the yarn and the richness of the colors. i can't wait to see it begin to take shape on my #5 knitting needles! monica, can you cast on for me!!! now, now, NOW!!!

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