Thursday, January 24, 2008

to do list update

stuff that's done is marked in red...partially done is marked in blue...stuff there's excuses for is marked in purple

  1. figure out how to personalize my blog template.
  2. make a zillion cupcakes to take to school for sabin's birthday.
  3. shop for sabin's birthday.
  4. take husband's bike to be fixed.
  5. bead shop.
  6. learn to knit.
  7. put some paint on that big canvas.
  8. make progress in the upstairs bedroom.
  9. cook something delicious.
  10. create. create. create.
  11. go swimming.
  12. go running at least 3x.
  13. discover some new music.
  14. finish the little corner at the top of the stairs.
  15. make a hair appointment

as you can see, pretty good progress and there's still a couple of days left to this week. haven't been running or swimming because i'm battling a head cold and didn't think that it would be done any favors by a.) sweating out in the cold or b.) running around with a wet head. plus, i was afraid of running into the swimming pool nazi at the pool. a sauna would have been nice tho'. there's still time for me make a hair appointment. and put some paint on that canvas, even tho' i have to miss my lesson tomorrow because i'm taking cupcakes to sabin's school.

what's interesting (to me) about this list is that i didn't put anything on it that i'd already done so that i could check it off right away. i used to always do that, back in my old, hectic life, so that i didn't feel that i was already behind before i even started. i must no longer feel a need for that, which must mean that i'm healing. and becoming a normal person again. what a relief!!!

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