Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sources of inspiration

as i've struggled with my blank canvas (which is currently still blank, by the way) the past few days, i have been seeking sources of inspiration and thinking about what it is that does inspire me. it's things like:

  1. colors--rich oranges and reds or deep turquoises and teals.

  2. textures--like indian or moroccan or turkish textiles.

  3. traveling--memories of the quality of the air and the light of the sunset over the agean with a plate of icy, cold melon and a glass of chilled white wine in front of me.

  4. patterns--mosaics at a ruin, the lamps in the grand bazaar in istanbul.

  5. hand-crafted items incorporating colorful beads or driftwood.

  6. maps.

  7. icons. or paintings that in some sense pay homage to icons.

  8. symbols.

  9. rocks that have been rolled smooth by the waves.

  10. music. at the moment, chick rock that borders on folk and a bit of jazz. (yael naim, feist, leona naess, regina spektor, kate nash).

  11. helleristninger (nordic petroglyphs).

  12. ancient graffiti.

lamps in the grand bazaar in istanbul

contemporary rug design in the grand bazaar in istanbul

a mosaic at stobi in central macedonia

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