Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the queen of multi-tasking

sabin made dinner this evening from her children's cookbook (thank you, kevin woodford for planet cook!). here she is, assembling the risotto pandas. they had mushroom ears, eyes and mouths and were hiding behind asparagus "bamboo." they were precious and the creamy risotto, laced with pine nuts, was DELICIOUS!

big bravo to sabin for being a great little chef in the making. in between stirring more chicken broth into the risotto and tending the mushrooms, she had a stamping project going on. talk about multi-tasking! i could seriously learn so much from this child and the way she embraces life. she lives fully in every moment, making the most of all of them. at one point, she even had aunt monica casting on a new knitting project for her on the #5 needles. she's knitting a scarf for her build-a-bear. what a kid! we must be doing something right! but, i don't even feel i can take any credit, i just stand by in awe and hope some of it rubs off on me.

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