Sunday, May 11, 2008

doesn't it just figure?

so, as soon as i invest in a better digital camera, it seems that i learn that the latest, coolest trend in photography is something called lomography. which is, in effect, taking pictures with old crap cameras and expired film, although there are new cameras (the diana+, apparently the primary one is called) with fisheye lenses and such. however, ideally what one should have is an old soviet camera.

here is a photo (taken with my new nikon) of a lomography exhibit i just saw this evening out at serendra:

way cool stuff with fisheye lenses and strange colors and light effects. it's clear i must try this. why oh why didn't i buy one or more of those old soviet cameras back in '94 when i saw them in russia?

it's big here in the philippines, so i'm going on a mission tomorrow. luckily the stores are open late, since i'm working all day!


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Spouse waited ten years to buy a digital camera. The reason being that he knew the moment he bought it, it would not be the newest thing anymore. In the end he had to buy one at some point because he knew that's not ever going to change. I'm certain you chose a fabulous camera. I wish you many happy years with it :)

julochka said...

it is amazing how fast technology is moving. what's interesting about this lomo thing is that it's a throwback to analog right when everything is going digital. and using old, expired film. i will have to explore the implications of that as a sociological reaction/phenomenon in another post (as i am wont to do...) :-)

Jaime said...

I would almost give my right arm for a fisheye lens.
Want one so bad!

julochka said...

hi jaime--welcome back! :-) if you look on, you can see all kinds of goodies--including fisheye lenses that will fit your canon. i bought the fisheye 2, one of the cameras made by the lomography society. i took the first pix last night. being so used to digital, i'm a bit impatient since i'll have to wait to get them developed! but, i'll definitely be posting lots of lomo in coming weeks! my friends out here and TOTALLY into it and i learnd a lot from them last evening. can't wait to try it all out!