Wednesday, May 14, 2008

molecules humming in perfect alignment

this is quite possibly my favorite place on earth. the lobby of the manila pen.

i sat there this evening, eating this:

and pondering what makes it such a heavenly place. there are a number of factors--the lighting, the colors, the live music wafting down from above (you can see the guys on the right of the pic above), the height to the ceiling, the decor, the palm trees. it all combines to create the most relaxing atmosphere. literally when you step in from outside, you leave the world behind and enter the safe cocoon of the lobby. you wouldn't think that such a massive room could be so inviting, but it is.

i came to the conclusion, sitting there, trying to put my finger on exactly what it was, that it must be the very center of a vortex. like people search for near sedona, arizona. because i feel that when i enter, even if i step out of the elevator from my beloved club floor, it nearly instantly relaxes my body and pulls all of the atoms of my being into perfect alignment. my very molecular structure hums in perfect harmony. a friend of mine in denmark, who has her various dwellings tested for "jordstråling" would think that the jordstråling in the lobby of the pen was perfect. (sorry, i don't know what that is in english--the "earth beaming" if i translate literally).

but, whatever it is, i completely feel it. if i were to stage a coup, i too would stage it here. it has got to be one of the very best places on this planet.


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Have I said before that you write your travel experiences exquisitely?
Your words make me want to be there. And make me hungry. I'm glad you're so happy right now!

julochka said...

my wonderful trip is winding down. i've just packed everything and will fly tomorrow morning. it is wonderful to realize i feel so happy, tho'! i still have many things to write about when i get home...

Barb said...

First, sushi is my absolute favourite food (married into Japanese family). Second, I felt I was sitting right there with you - enjoying that meal, hearing the lovely music, and just feeling centered in that beautiful hotel lobby. Barb

hele said...

Oh, how I wish I could experience it too.

Although, while reading my body atoms seemed to shift into place with a sigh of contentment.