Saturday, May 10, 2008

how do i love thee, manila?

...let me count the ways:

  1. the smiling, friendly people

  2. people who hold doors for you

  3. watermelon shakes

  4. delicious vinegary sauces

  5. crunchy, savory fried garlic

  6. attentive waiters

  7. sweet, smiling sales girls

  8. that there are at least 3 girls at every checkout counter in landmark--one to key in the items, one to check her work with flourishes of red circles on the receipt and one to put it in the bag. sometimes there's even a fourth girl who is separating and opening bags. they are all beautiful, petite and perfectly made up. lovely.

  9. sweet sales girls in landmark who remember me even when it's been 5-6 months.

  10. musicians playing spanish guitars in the tapas restaurant in greenbelt.

  11. the tapas restaurant in greenbelt

  12. salty watermelon seeds

  13. when it rains, it doesn't mess around, it REALLY RAINS!

  14. the fact that chivalry is not dead and you never have to carry anything yourself for very far.

  15. stores that sell only havianas--and which are jam-packed with people

  16. fresh mango

  17. security guards flashing sweet smiles at every entrance

  18. that little ceramic dish of bath salts in the bathroom at the Pen.

  19. jeepneys packed with people

  20. manicure and pedicure at dashing divas.


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

You have an amazing way of picking up the reader from their chair and setting them down gently in another world. Really. I can smell the cooked garlic, taste the (fresh!) mango and and feel the energy of polite and friendly people.
It's a blessing to us that you share your stories as you go.

julochka said...

thank you for your kind words...i felt a little like i was cheating this week, dashing off these lists. but i do feel driven to share as i go. :-) weird that....

Jaime said...

salty watermelon seeds? Do you just pop them in your mouth and crunch?

mmmmm mango xx

Natz Navarro said...

I would have reversed the order and make the manipedi as #1! I could second all your observations, but coming from you it's already quite impressive!
(' ',)

julochka said...

natz--the ranking was more the order in which they came to mind. you're right that the mani/pedi should be at the top of the list! and after i made that list, i discovered heavenly facials as well. mmmm. no, i haven't been to baguio as of yet, i have a bad habit of only spending time in manila, but have also been to batangas and subic. i'm on the lookout for an expatriation down there, so i'm certain i'll get my chance to see more!