Monday, May 05, 2008

serenity now

i'm only on the first leg of my long journey to singapore. and so far, it's been a chain of frustrations:
  1. typical righteous danish woman woman from the much longer Economy class/Non-Gold /Platinum line in CPH tries to butt into the Business/Gold/Platinum line because her line was taking too long. consider going postal for brief moment. luckily, the guy behind the counter turns her away.
  2. pick security line inhabited by elderly people who are clearly traveling for the first time and have all of their gallon bottles of shampoo with and are bewildered as to why they're being taken away. again with the thoughts of going postal.
  3. CPH airport, to my great sorrow, no longer has Hendrick's (best gin ever, loved by a small handful of people, all over the world).
  4. queue at starbucks in kastrup airport far too long to obtain much needed grande chai latte before flight to amsterdam.
  5. nose and sinuses totally and completely stuffed up during entire flight, severely restricting ability to breathe! brain clearly in need of all the oxygen it can get.
  6. singularly unhelpful woman at the counter in KLM lounge near F gates causes me to want to scream, but instead i lower voice an octave and go into patronizing mode [strangely this does not help]- understand for a brief moment why people totally go postal.
  7. old woman offloaded from wheelchair and deposited in seat next to me is wearing what can only be an entire bottle of truly offensive perfume. stuffed up nose chooses THIS moment to clear.

on the bright side, things can only get better from here, right?


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

They can only get better. Such people are sent to test our patience. Have a good trip.

Jaime said...

As soon as you get there, all of this will be quickly forgotten!
Happy travels and have fun camera shopping...I'm so jealous!

julochka said...

thank you, dahlings, things did indeed get better. i'll be back to write about, but i'm a bit shattered at the moment...many notes went into the waves of inspiration notebook! :-) but i must sleep now.