Wednesday, May 07, 2008

night owl

maybe i'm obsessed with all things owl-y of late because i am a night owl. i love staying up late. and i am currently staying up late. it's now past 1 a.m. of course to my brain, it's only 7, so i'm not sure it counts...but anyway, back to my point. i LIKE staying up late. but it naturally follows that i don't like waking up early. and i do have to wake up early tomorrow, so it's actually pretty dumb to be up late like this...

being up late can make you start to think about strange things, like:
  • why are there two belts on this hotel bathrobe?
  • why did they put that stupid (invisible) plastic cover over the glass so that i just poured water all over the hotel bathrobe with the two belts?
  • aren't i lucky there's an emergency backup (dry) robe in the closet?
  • why do i feel compelled to share this with the world?
  • why am i so silly when i haven't even been drinking?
  • perhaps i should have been drinking.
  • i must have the coolest sister in the world because she just sent me an iPod Touch (right when i was about to go back and buy one tomorrow after i looked up the exchange rate).
  • why did i bawl my eyes out on the plane while watching the bucket list when i am actually quite opposed to sentimentality?
  • why can't i ever remember morgan freeman's name? i always think it's graham-something.
  • why am i not sleeping?
  • should i get a nikon or a canon?
  • it's not environmentally correct to drink bottled water, but what if the tap water makes me sick?
  • that was a delicous lobster and mango salad i had for dinner.
  • i wonder if those fish in the tanks at the restaurant were decor or dinner?
  • i wonder how i'll get along without a kitchen sink when i get home, since husband has torn it out in my absence.
  • ditto the stove.
  • maybe now is the right time to start a raw diet.
  • can you appear to be normal in public and still eat a raw diet?
  • why do they make erasers shaped like sushi?

perhaps i should go to sleep now and spare us all this jetlagged chatter...


Jaime said...

Canon.....definitely get the Canon.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

1, 2 and 3 made me dizzy. I don't want to keep telling you you're funny, but this jetlag thing is mirthful ;)
Hope you're having a super time.