Monday, June 01, 2009

evidence of creativity update (46 - 52)

welcome all of you new commenters (commentators?) who came out of the woodwork on the last post! i guess those flowers learned more than i thought they did at plant school. :-) i'm pleased you all hopped into the fray.

as some of you know, thanks to molly, i am attempting to do and document 100 creative things during 2009 and am sharing them here. i'm up to #45, and so it's time to do a bit of a catch up, since i haven't actually updated this list since april 13! thankfully i take a good 100 photos every day so i can go back in my iPhoto and figure out what i've made since #45.

#46 - a kickass fresh strawberry lemonade. this counts because i invented the recipe myself and didn't look at any of my 600 cookbooks.

6 lemons, squeezed
1 pint of strawberries
1 tray of ice cubes
1/2 C sugar (more to taste if your strawberries aren't super sweet)
whizz it all up in the blender, pour it into a pitcher and pour in one bottle of fizzy water. serve and enjoy the ooohs and aaahhs. add vodka or rum or tequila for grown-up fun.

#47 - a bunch more helleristninger, which i will count as only 1.

#48 - coffee cozies for blog camp

#49 - quite a lot of cakes made with rhubarb of which i will count only 1. recipe for this one is here. you can see that it was good because it was mostly gone before i could take its picture. we've got rhubarb coming out of our ears in our garden. from only two plants! it's apparently an excellent year for rhubarb.

#50 - artistically arranging rocks in baskets. i know this sounds a little suspect as evidence of creativity, but i travel to the far reaches of foreign countries to collect the stones and then spend an inordinate amount of time on arranging them just so and they look pretty when i'm done, so i'm counting it.

#51 - blog headers. i make and change my own frequently, but i recently branched out and made one for amanda and one for VEG. the ease of making fun headers is just yet another reason that i love my mac. because i do them in pages, mac's answer to word, only way better for handling photos--resizing, dragging & dropping them to exactly where you want them. it's all really easy. with free fonts from, i can have endless hours of fun.  so it's definitely evidence.

#52 - just today, i made a mattress cover and two pillows for the iron bench in my upper garden. you just gotta love ikea fabrics. so bright and cheery.

bearing in mind that it is a holiday here, i'll give you three guesses as to how i spent the rest of my afternoon...and the first two don't count.

those kind of suspect-looking slabs in the upper left are where husband was at one time going to place the pizza oven, but it's going to stand somewhere else now, in fact, that's what husband was working on all day today. there's nothing you can't do if you can find directions online.

this was the view from where i was, just in case you still haven't guessed...

it was, in all a glorious weekend. hope yours was too.

* * *
a couple of other notes before i leave...

hermit book club - the next read is haruki murakami's hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world. i'm rereading it so i can lead the discussion on friday, june 12. if you're not already playing along with us, please do join in, there's still time to become a murakami addict like me.

trans-atlantic learning adventures - if you want to see what we did on saturday at the local tivoli (or more accurately what sabin did, trot along over to sabin & addie's blog and have a look. while you're at it, stay awhile and check out their project.

we've begun the countdown to blog camp I--june 19-21 right here in denmark! come and check out the latest madness on our minds over at the blog camp blog. i'm going to get my act together and try to get a bit of a schedule up so you can know when you can find us live online via stikam (if i can figure it out) at blog camp, so that even if you can't be here, you too can participate! if you're new here and don't know about blog camp, check this post to see how the idea was born (husband is pretty brilliant sometimes).

sabin and i are still working on the questions from friday, but never fear, you'll see the answers sometime this week. if you still have a burning question on your mind, please leave it on that post and we'll try to include it.

p.s. i found my rock. :-)


Lynnae said...

I'm so excited to follow your blog camp!
Great garden bench cushions!

Meg said...

I also love collecting rocks from various places, then using them for decorations! Depending on the rock, I use them both inside and outside in the garden =)

naqiubex said...

Ouch.. I like your creative work..

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

GReat garden bench covers...super vivid and full of fun! I love anything rhubarb...desert looks yummy!

Laura Doyle said...

You are an ambitious one, aren't you? I'm glad you found your rock, although I'm still unsure why that particular one is special. My pet changes weekly, sometimes daily. After I've given them all my looniness, I bury them in the dirt for a day to reset them. (As you can see with this confession, they may not be absorbing all the looniness.)

I really, really love those coffee cozies and I'm envious of your sewing skills. My machine sits in the attic. It may as well be particle accelerator.

And what was the holiday? I'm curious.

Mrs.Rotty said...

oh i love the idea of your creative challenge. i might have to do that for 2010. i've lost 5 months so thats not exactly fair. lol.

I love the bench! i can't wait to have somewhere like that to sit in the garden and read.

rxBambi said...

I'd love a new header if you ever get bored. And curtains, I'm just not good at them. In my old house I had a decorator come and do it, but husband put his foot down when we got married, so this house has naked windows.
As always, Love the blog, Want to go to blog camp (it was poopooed by my husband, as was spending all evening on my laptop) and really want to be part of the popular crowd. Stinking men. Sheesh.

Mary Ellen said...

I THINK I figured out where you were . . . Seriously, I'm super jealous of you folks doing blog camp, and will tune in some to feel some of the glow. Your creativity is inspiring!

julochka said...

the holiday was pinse or pentecost. some easter-related thing...

spudballoo said...

Gah, I just typed a long message and lost it! Anyway, just wanted to say I couldn't remember how I 'found' you on Flickr but love seeing your I remember, your charming blog. so much to read, will pack my children off to nursery shortly and settle down for a good read.

Bravo to you, all good wishes from sunny England.

Char said...

yay for finding the rock and the inspirations. love the cozy next you created outside. would love to be curled up there with a book too.

Elizabeth said...


You will be in the Gold edition of Discounderworld.


Put on the music and have a party!!!

jane said...

wow you´ve been busy. it would probably take me five years to do all that...everything looks great. besos-jane

Molly said...

Ack! I'm SO far behind on 100 things ... If I could buckle down and complete some of the many, many, far too many projects I have in various stages I might get there.
LOVE your bench cushions (and the view from that there bench!).

Optimistic Pessimist said...

I may just sell my soul for a pizza oven. I already can't button most of my pants...if I had a pizza oven I would probably start blowing out the seams in my pants, but it would be worth it.

Abby said...

those coffee cozies looked so cute!
and i would kill for a piece of that rhubarb cake...
sounds like you've been very busy!

Snap said...

It's all your fault! :D When I read that you are Mac girl (me too) and that you made your header(s) on Pages, I had to try it out and I made one, too! My first header! There will be more in the future I am sure. I'll be constantly *redecorating* the blog! Thanks!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Finally get around to reading weekend are so right about ikea fabrics. I have two couches which are red, orange and yellow: one w/ flowers, the other stripes. Your choice for the garden cushions is delicious!
Like Mrs. Rotty, I am enamoured with the idea of a creativity challenge. We could do either a 6 mo challenge from July or start in January 2010.
I'm afraid I pooped out for the Hermit Book Club participation because I haven't yet finished the book. I'll have to sit the Murakami even though I know how much you love his work. I'll save him for later.
Loved The Tivoli post!

So glad your rock found you :-)