Tuesday, June 02, 2009

fabulosity all around (and a giveaway)

i'm all for looking at the world differently, with fresh eyes, from a new perspective. wearing orange tights with red shoes and taking photos of my feet against the green grass in front of a snotty spa hotel in skodsborg while i wait for husband. but seriously, i have to draw the line somewhere and that somewhere is here.  apparently nancy reagan gets regular visits from ronnie during which he talks to her. i always knew the woman was nuts. tho' admittedly running the US by astrology does seem better in retrospect than the 8 years of the bush administration.

* * *

A VERY BIG THANK YOU!! so big, i had to use actual capital letters, so that's big. thanks to all of you and your votes, my story will make the print issue of disco underworld. i quite literally couldn't have done it without you, so to celebrate, i'm going to give away one of my helleristning stones.  if you want to be entered to win, please leave a comment on this post. i think i will make an entirely new helleristning on one of my stones from my recent trip to norway, so this picture is just a sample. you will get a totally new, unique to you, very own helleristning. :-)

so, to review: leave a comment to win a helleristning stone on a stone from norway. it's my thanks to you for helping me make the print issue of discounderworld! and speaking of discounderworld, there's a new issue out now, full of cool people and things! you can go read it right after you finish reading here. :-)

my lovely assistant (i haven't decided yet whether it's sabin or husband) will draw the winner on friday.

* * *

did you know that you're limited to 200 characters in labels? it's practically a tweet. i'm feeling restricted!

* * *

and while i was sitting here, killing time waiting for magazine proofs and in between last-minute edits and trying to shoo a bumble bee out of the addition (they get totally confused by the big windows), the mailman knocked on my door. he brought me this:

a package from the fabulous (i know, i'm overusing that word, i can't help it, there's just so much fabulousity) lynne of wheatlands news. and look what was inside!

rocks and toys and cards, oh my!
and lynne's 82-year-old mom made the cards.
i love that!!

these are seriously cool toys!
husband is gonna love these.
and so is sabin.
i might have to hide them and play with them all by myself.

and each of these rocks is cooler than the next!
lynne calls us stone freaks rotsifarians--b/c rots is rock in afrikaans--i LOVE that too!
the flat one is from namibia
the others are from diamond diggings at alexander bay
the red one is a "red luck stone" because it indicates the presence of diamonds (cool!)

and the little one is covered in eyes!!!
i love the little beaded doll too. 
it appeals to my superstitious side.

i love having these little pieces of africa right here in denmark.

* * *

blog camp note:  don't forget about blog camp II scheduled for september 4-7 here in denmark. i have room for 4 and one spot is tentatively booked. all of you north americans should be checking ticket prices right now (i hear air france is having a sale (ha, bad joke, but i couldn't resist)). but seriously, there are some good prices out there, so do book ahead! and if you're coming all that way, we can arrange for spending a bit more time than just a long weekend.  there may be one more blog camp during 2009 in the US--we're in the tentative stage of planning a trip and just might make time for a few days of blog camp fun sometime in the autumn. stay tuned for updates on that one.

* * *
don't forget to check out the latest issue of disco underworld now.
there are lots of cool and creative people featured this month!


Optimistic Pessimist said...

1.) congrats on disco underworld

2.) oohh...ohh...me, me..enter me in the helleristning stone giveaway. I would like to have a stone to hold in my hand to keep me sane throughout the day.

3.)I'm very excited about the possibility of another blog camp. Neither of the original two dates worked for me!

Cyndy said...

WOW! Sounds like you are a fabulous day, obviously kicked off with a double latté! Good for you! L.O.V.E. the red shoes. Caution: Your key caps button may just get stuck...

Char said...

great day - cute tights and shoes.

congrats on winning. :)

love the doll necklace too

Janet said...

Congrats on disco underworld. i can't read right now, but i've stuck a big note on my screen and will read tonight.

i see the eyes stone. don't you think the one on the left in the photo looks like a thumb? kinda weird, but kinda cool. love the term rotsifarians too. hope your day continues to be great!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Wow! Congrats on the article!

I, too, would love a rock to hold in my hand to keep me grounded throughout the day. I used to have a buckeye that I had in my pocket that had a groove that fit my thumb perfectly..but I lost it and never got a replacement.

Katie said...

Congratulations on the article!

Did you get loads of awful looks from the "posh" people at the hotel? I always do when I wear crazy clothing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I did finally get my vote to go through after my dum dum moment ;) Please enter me...I would love, love, love one of your stones.

Amanda said...

stones = cool. However, I won last time you did a drawing thingy, so please let someone else win!

I am IN LOVE with the tights and shoes, plus also, I am in for the USA blog camp, and can certainly help be a coordinator/host/helper bee if needed.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Me Too Me Too! (jumping up and down flapping arms like a goober)
I wanna win a purdy stone!

I am SO not surprised that you're in! With your own brand of fabulousness and the fabulousness of your blog readers...I mean really, it would have been SO unfabulous of disco underworld to have done otherwise.

Love the stockings/shoes! I just painted a clutch bag pink and orange. You need to get out of my head now. On second thought, please stay, I'm enjoying the company :-).

McGillicutty said...

Have to say I'm excited about a giveaway! Woo.
More excited about the possibility of a blog camp over here in the US of A. Would love to come back to Denmark though... hmm if you write it down it will happen.

rxBambi said...

Me too! I love winning! I need to win! I want to win!

Ok enough of that. Congrats on discoworld, that is so cool.

I'd love a blog camp here. In fact having it in st louis would be a GREAT idea (hint hint). Husband repeatedly says no to denmark in June, but now I'm going to work on september. I'm hoping I'll annoy him to the point where he tells me to go just to shut me up :)

Congrats again, you totally deserve it.

Ady Grafovna said...


Oh... and I love that picture of your feet. :)

julochka said...

madame ladybug--i've been trying to comment on your blog and it won't let me!! you should check that!!

beth said...

congrats !
and thanks for your comment :)

now hopefully I'll win a rock...if not, I guess I'll just go out to my yard and bring one inside and draw on it with my white poster pen...I'm always one to make things work out :)

Elizabeth said...


Did you put on the music this morning, like me, and had a party for one?

Well have a fabulous evening with so much good new it can hardly go wrong.



Mrs.Rotty said...

1) cute shoes
2) i totally looked at the price of a ticket. 609.00 round trip.

although i doubt i could talk B into it. he doesn't get the whole blogworld thing.

Delena said...

I would put that rock on a special shelf in our cabin . It would surely be a wonderful conversation piece for our family and vistors!

Sarah said...

Ummm, Hi Julochka! I have never ever, ever, ever won anything in my life (as the universe hates me and all.) So pretty please pick me. And maybe I can convince hubby of September blog camp. HE put nail through finger today so in a moment of weakness (wining) maybe I can convince him to release iron grip on credit card.

christina said...

I'm slipping my name into the doo dad box, so I can win. I need a rock, a cute adorable rock, that I can become my homie. And each time I walk into the room and see my lovely rock, I can say- what up, lil homie.
Oh, I am feeling the love as I type.

Daniel DPK said...

hi..you have a fantastic blog..i love your posting..nice picture...


spudballoo said...

Ooooh that's a super parcel!! I wanted everything in it. Also your tights and shoes. Actually can I just BE you, it would probably be easier in the long run. OK?

Extranjera said...


Just thought it deserved once more.

Jelica said...

akhm, that one spot on blog camp II is not tentative, it's definitely taken! i found some decently priced tickets, should i go ahead and book?

julochka said...

jelica--absolutely! i just didn't want you to feel pressure! :-)

Brenda Pruitt said...

You're such a fun girl! Absolutely amen to the last eight years of drudgery. They could have used most anything to spark them up. Even some Nancy Reagan!

Mari Mansourian said...

wow, you know there is a giveaway when there are allot of comments :)
ya I'm guilty too, but who wouldn't want one of your helleristning stones.

Love the shoes by the way

Magpie said...

I think I need a mousetrap powered car.

Pattern and Perspective said...

Love the orange tights, although I hate tights & wouldn't ever wear them but on you ..fabulous. I don't get the Nancy craziness - that is wack. As far as my cemetery pic goes, it's in a drawer so it's not morbid. It's the idea of love after you die, or something, but not like Nancy's...Just everlasting.

Congrats on many many many posts.

Think it's too late to do the Moo thing as part of an online version of blog camp?

I had ideas and I was emailing them and then the email went poof. So I was annoyed and didn't do it again, but I will...if you think it would fly? not sure. Maybe for the Autumn one? Or maybe ya'll should take tons of pics at blog camp, get moo mini's, then do it after blog camp along with other people (who didn't attend).

Mim said...

Wow, give a way for rocks, I think I have died and gone to heaven. Here I thought I was the only one who collected rocks.... I knew I loved Scandanavia!

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a great blog! I'm glad I found you. And i love the red shoes and orange tights. Very chic. I will be back again soon! Nice to meet you.

Stacey Childs said...

Hey Julie!

Congratulations on winning, am loving your blog too! I am very much looking forward to having you in the print edition! Congrats again!!!

BTW I loved your post about your crazy aunty, I aspire to one day be just like her!

jane said...

congratulations! and yes please put my name into the hat. thank you!!

Barb said...

I haven't been reading for a while due to my gallbladder surgery, but please enter me too for the helleristning stone.


Lisa-Marie said...

Those are some cool shoes, and I like the red against green, its so fresh looking.

I want a mouse trap powered car!

Malissa said...

I'm very interested in those stones. Need to do a little research. ;) Please enter me!

Unknown said...

I thought I've already commented on this. Where did my comment go?

Unknown said...

Congratulations on getting on DU :)