Saturday, September 26, 2009

blog crush: urbaNiche

mmm, chocolate dessert in manila (clearly before i learned flash was the enemy)
forgive me, food pictures are HARD!
this cake is for you, urbaNiche!!

not so long ago, urbaNiche, a lovely blogger and fellow feature on apartment therapy found me (through a comment, lurkers, come out of the woodwork, will you?). she explained to me the other day in an email how she came to my blog (via the helleristninger stones on etsy), which is always a topic that fascinates we make these connections in the blogosphere. she's a fellow nikon girl and her little sweet pea has the most precious chucks i've ever seen, tho' he can't wear them at the moment thanks to a cast (we hope he'll soon be fine). someday, i hope she comes to blog camp. but in the meantime, do go check her out, because she's totally my latest blog crush.


Ravi Warrier said...

Hey Julie, check out my new photographs. I am sure, I'll make you proud... well, at least with some of them. :)

More colors too!

Hope all has been well at your end for the past week. Take care,

urbaNiche said...

thank you J. you totally made my weekend and i tag you here if u wish to share ;)

urbaNiche said...

oh and i ve been craving chocolate dessert since last evening. yummmmm

Just Jules said...

I love your crushes

Suecae Sounds said...

Down with Nikon, yay for Pentax! ;)

Anyways, I'll make sure to check your crush out. :)

Char said...

*humphf* all this nikon superiority.... LOL

I will check her out