Wednesday, September 09, 2009

color and creativity

through my blog friend in india, ravi warrier, i found the coolest thing and i totally have to share it. it's called personas and it uses your name to datamine a snapshot of how you (or at least everyone with your name) look on the internet. it results in a colorful band. and we all know how i am about color! above is  what my name revealed. i will admit i did every combination of every name i've had and then some of my friends and relatives because it was so much fun! you have to watch while it calculates, that's half the fun.  i have to share sabin's as well:

* * *

i haven't updated my 100 creative things in 2009 since mid-july! scary!! we left off then with #60, so i thought it was time to catch up a bit and see where i'm at now:

#61 - my creative wrapping/labeling of prezzies for blog camp 1.5 in england
yup. i think this counts.
yup. it might be a stretch.

#62 - moo postcards using my own photos (for postcrossing) + clever clothespin display above my desk

#63 - a felt candy corn plushie
made by sabin with quite a lot of assistance from me.

#64 - fishie plushies for blog campers at blog camp 2.0

#65 - cameras to go with sabin's little one-eyed guy design for blog campers at blog camp 2.0

#66 - a fabric/sewed card using fun fabric from summerville on etsy

#67 - sabin's little trousers w/embroidery
tho' they're not finished in this picture.
they are finished. they're just in the wash at the moment.

* * *

i diffused clary sage today, so there will be a bunch more creativity to share in the near future.
all very colorful, of course.

* * *
a big, huge, girnormous, gigantic, enormous, humongous, vast, tremendous (are you getting that this is big, really big) THANK YOU to kristina for her words that are far too kind.
go and have a look at her beautiful photo blog. you will love what she does with light and her nikon.


iasa said...

Oh noes! No digital traces of me found. Don't tell my blog peeps that the internet doesn't acknowledge my existence.

Mari Mansourian said...

awesome pix as always... can't wait to see what my name shows... :) ooooh fun

Mari Mansourian said...

well... iasa don't feel so bad there are no digital traces of me either... so i guess we both don't exist :(

Magpie said...

50% red online / 50% blue professional

you are way more interesting than i am.

Char said...

ohhh, let me go try this - be right back

Char said...

fun! LOL I don't get why I have a such a wide sports band, but everything else was expected

julochka said...

iasa and marinik - that just means you're really unique! and mine with my full name is pretty boring and has only 5 bands. husband's only has two!!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

great idea! and gorgeous little things. and I love your ceiling seen at spud's! cheers from finally sunny ireland eliane

Bee said...

Ok, I'm going to do that name thing as soon as I tell you that the little Viking ship that you gave me is sitting on the beam just above eye level of my desk. There she sails . . .

I want to send Camille to do some crafting at your house. (She has spent the last two days making herself a doll.) The plushie toys are yummy.

kristina said...

excellent evidence of creativity!
and my words are not too kind - you deserve each and every one :-)

Ravi Warrier said...

That's absolutely not fair. When I searched for "musings of ravi warrier", i got all crappy colors, including crappy categories like politics and legal (??).

Now, I am definitely sure, God thinks I am color-blind!

Can you believe it? Not only I don't see color outside my monitor, I don't see it within as well! not fair! :)

btw, I started (and probably will end it tomorrow) photo-walks. Check out the blog for one of the snaps I clicked in the morning today. Appreciate, any comments!


Lynne said...

so funny... I got a big sports band. Must be because I so often write about issues of race!

As always, I'm totally awed by your creativity, and want to borrow the device you have that makes time stand still. I'm convinced you have one... you else do you manage to do all this stuff?

Unknown said...

Oh, the colours, the little cameras, the moo cards... Love it all!
I did the personas thing a while ago, and there were no traces of me either! Scary because remember what I wrote in your table? I only exist when I'm online or at blog camp!

christina said...

Your little clothes pins have houses on them. Dude! Too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Wasn't it fun to look back on the things you did? Love the orange plush cuddle, it is so bright and bold.

Prashansa said...

I love all your pics. I like the persons very much! I am also posting them on my blog with your and Ravi wariers links. Thank you. Do visit my blog!

SE'LAH... said...

clary sage apparently is where it's at. gonna run get some quick.

love the purple sewn card. :)