Sunday, September 06, 2009


blog camp is such an intense and wonderful experience that it takes awhile to process all of the layers of it.

so i'll leave you with these reflections in copenhagen shop windows for now...and note that i'm probably gonna need that cave art book.


spudballoo said...

I agree. It needs digesting properly before you can say anything meaningful, certainly that was the case last time.

I particularly love that first photo, what a great juxtaposition.


Polly said...

yes, when is the next blog camp?? I'll definitely be there this time. who would have thought I would miss you guys so much

great photos. great city. I totally understand that you need that book


Char said...

Beautiful shots - looks like you had a good time wandering around. I bought a photography book on polaroids today - I love it

christina said...

loving that book and i don't even know what it is. oh for the love of art.

Bee said...

Everything just looks extra-cool and stylish through your lens.

I feel a bit of a pang reading about Blog Camp.