Thursday, April 08, 2010

ack! a random post without pictures!

so much input and so many impressions and so little bloggy time. and although i'm taking photos, i neglected to bring my card reader with me. sigh.

: : the teletubbies totally speak to the under two set. and i had forgotten how that works. what is it about the teletubbies?

: : i'm not sure i can continue to refer to wind turbines as either windmills or fans. it's like referring to an 11,000TEU container vessel as a boat.

: : i can only see yellow cars when sabin isn't present (we play a version of the old "slug bug" car game involving yellow cars). when i called her to say i'd seen one, she said she'd saved up 12 slugs for me.

: : our new house gives me a little flutter of butterflies when i see it in the sunshine.

: : if you're really dressed up and wearing your signature wolford tights, it's really hard for anyone to be condescending to you.

: : even tho' i know who will win project runway from watching the show from the models' perspective the other day, it's still exciting to watch the finale. and i still think carol hannah should have won.

: : there is a lot of plastic surgery on american television.

: : while waiting for my new work computer, i went a little nuts on LinkedIn.

; ; things have a way of falling into place as they should. when they should.

: : i already miss hanging out in my sweatpants.

: : the corporate world is full of people doing loads of busywork powerpoints in which they make up terminology according to some kind of elusive and perhaps unspeakable buzz word dictionary. and no one says, "this is meaningless," because they're afraid they didn't understand and they don't want to be exposed for not being up on the latest buzz words. it's a condition exacerbated by english being the business language of choice without necessarily being the native language of many of the people involved. it seems to be an overwhelmingly unbreakable circle. and when i try to really think about it and wrap my head around it, it makes me a little dizzy.

: : i wonder how productive the world would be if everyone just stopped all that shit and did some work.

: : jutland is the new black: totally trendy.


will said...

"Corpspeak" ... the language of escaped lunies from the tower of Babylon.

stephanie said...

Ha! Thanks for this. I really like the idea of people stopping the shit and doing some work. Wouldn't that be cool to see?

Char said...

what, work? what? LOL

yay for new jobs....though i complain, i would still have that over not working since i like to eat.

Suecae Sounds said...

"the teletubbies totally speak to the under two set. and i had forgotten how that works. what is it about the teletubbies?"

Utter and total evil. That is what it is about the 'tubbies. ;)

Kim said...

what, and lost out precious time to catch up on reading all my favourite blogs - please keep your seditious comments to yourself... ;)