Friday, April 16, 2010

grateful friday: because it's been too long...

grateful on a friday for...

~ the fact that it's friday

~ pretty, new, trendy, safe bike helmets (safety items do not violate "not buying it" mantra)

~ that my child wasn't done for eight counts of shoplifting (oops, was that out loud?)

~ sharing a carafe of wine with husband in a café while the kids saw a movie

~ party plans

~ laughing over my inability to muster a single bit of caring where the water pipes run from the well to the house. even after i really, really tried - giving myself a mental lecture and everything.

~ red velvet cupcakes

~ wine

~ espresso

~ a murakami novel (a wild sheep chase)

~ pierce brosnan

~ getting this post in while it's still friday. but only just.

happy weekend, one and all.


Laura said...

beautiful :)

Char said...

you had me until pierce....

every since momma mia, i just can't look at him

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

..haha, I have a hard time looking at anyone in Mama Mia...but life goes on

Elizabeth said...

You and Jenna both on your new farm. Farming is becoming the future again.