Thursday, April 22, 2010

things i'm wondering...

when you drive a long way, you have loads of time to think and wonder about things. things like:

~ how on earth will i survive the corporate world after being in a creative one?

~ did the cat miss me while i was away?

~ speaking of the cat, how is she going to adjust to moving across the country?

~ do we need a filipino nanny?

~ what were they doing on my computer while i wasn't here?

~ why hasn't KLM sent the official confirmation of the reservation i made this morning? will they blame it on the volcanic ash?

~ what will be left after we're gone?

~ does the danish hollywood wives television show mean that the world has indeed gone mad?

~ why do PCs still exist when there are macs?

~ ditto for all other phones when there are iPhones?

~ why does anyone use internet explorer when there are other browsers?

~ how did i get along on flickr before i knew about greasemonkey scripts?

~ why did i eat all that junk food?

~ just because things have always been done a certain way, doesn't mean that it's right.

~ how do you, as an individual, work to create a better corporate culture?

~ is facebook really an instrument of the lord? (disclaimer: not me who thought this, but one of my FB "friends")

~ will i ever live in a windmill?

now run along and do something to celebrate the earth. what i did was notice the amazing light all the way home. the earth is cool. let's take care of it, shall we?


Jill C. said...

I love the pictures of the windmill! The light is awesome!

Anne said...

I am 100% enamored of these photos. Amazing light, indeed. Well spotted, and well shot! Welcome home.

Elizabeth said...

The pictures are stunning. Each time you mention your windmill and get the same feeling as when I read Jenna's writings about her farm. So be careful what you wish for, you might end up with a windmill.

clo said...

wonderful photos....
best regards...

will said...

Corporations eat souls and individualism is not part of employment package.

Better Corporate culture? Only if you make tons of money for them.

Why PCs? Why Explorer? Same reason there's McDonalds and KFC. Mediocre stuff for the masses.

The top photo is really good.

Numinosity said...

Some Mac love here.
I like the old cog in your photo.
It makes me think you were thinking really hard.
Nice wonderments, now you got me thinking and wondering. Can I borrow your old cog to help me along?


Char said...

oh lord - i'm always thinking lists like this when i'm driving...always.

stephanie said...

I love this list of things almost as much as I love the photos.

Marilynne said...

Those are rhetorical questions, I assume. I love the colors in the sky in your photos. I love the old, broken windmill too.

Meg said...

Why a Filipino nanny?:)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, LOVE the color of the sky and the detail in your photos.

And I'm pretty sure the cat missed you.

Happy Earth Day.

inna karenina said...

beautiful light in the photos!
I love thinking about lists like that so much:-)

Liz said...

I'm slowly learning to unplug ... it's scary at first ... but things start looking better soon enough.

Also, I'd like to add to the crowd in being wowed by your pictures.

julochka said...

thanks everyone for the praise about the photos. :-)

kim - you're most welcome to use the cog. :-)

Meg - and the filipino nanny because i have a friend who has an extra one and i LOVE the philippines and those sweet girls who come to denmark to be nannies! but my child is 9, so she doesn't really need a nanny. but i do think it would be cool for Sabin to learn some tagalog!

Sammi said...

I'm sure the cat will adjust just fine, lots of new places to explore. My dog adjusted fine to a totally different climate and hasn't tried to run away yet, and we've been back nearly 18 months!

a filipino nanny? why?!

You can follow KLM on facebook- I do!

macs and iPhones are for clever people who like touch screens... PCs and "other phones" are for people like me who like buttons and simple stuff... I am a simple person.. Mind you I agree with the IE comment, firefox is far superior.


Lisa-Marie said...

-by being creative at home(shouldn't be a problem for you)
-they adjust as long as you move far enough away that they don't recognise routes home apparently.
-you probably need a nanny, but bot necessarily a Filipino one. I'm a Scottish nanny, and I seem to get the job done!
-i don't know
-Their stuff might be taking longer as their computers catch up with all the cancellations and emails they'll have to deal with.
-lovely memories of being filled with love and happiness and creativity.

I might come back and do the rest later ...

Jude said...

We pass a billboard covered in a poster for Danish Hollywood Wives almost everyday. The incredible fake-ness and frankly ugliness of those women takes our breath away. Although we make very funny stories up about them that last the rest of our walk, we can't decide to be hopeful that they are no longer in Denmark or sad that Danish television has a show about them. Mostly we hope the show makes fun of them too. But I'm not watching.

Patricia ~ The Naked Writer said...

The question that plagues me is what's the point? and why are my glasses always so dirty?
thanks for sharing the pics they are lovely.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

The corporate culture question sticks with me today- I think the way we create better corporate culture is to reward real leaders - not just the people who make money, but those who can inspire, dream, organize, - lead.

When you make the move from your creative life, bring all that creativity with you and let it inspire those around you, that will make corporate life better!

Sigh.. in the end I wonder if Evan is right, only by making money.

Good luck with it all!

Suecae Sounds said...

Impressive light in these photos.

margie said...

the photos are exquisite. just beautiful. said...

So many questions... hope the answers unveil themselves to you! Happy Belated Earth Day!