Wednesday, April 28, 2010

serenity now or totally jonesin' for blogging

pretty viking boat picture promotes calm thoughts
or maybe i'm just hoping the viking will throw me a lifeline
if i had a sneaking suspicion that i was addicted to blogging, it has been proven to me over the past week when time in front of the computer has simply not been there. don't get me wrong, i've been in front of a computer a bit, but it's definitely the wrong one. and i'm simply not blogging from that piece of crap, bit of waste, example of bad design, toxic waste that i can't lift, piece of trash behemoth. it's a PC for odin's sake. i have more pride than that. not to mention that one shouldn't really blog at work. mostly because it will be full of vitriol and utter bewilderment at the corporate world. but i digress.

i'm seriously jonesing for my time in front of the internet. but more accurately, for my daily writing. for more than two years i've written on a daily basis and i can tell you that it sucks not to be doing it right now. i can seriously feel my sanity slipping (which i'm sure has nothing to do with the great white collar/blue collar debate with which i will regale you on another occasion, tho' do feel free to leave me feedback on how those words make you feel) without my daily outlet. i tell you, blogging is cheaper than therapy.

let me give you a little summary of where we're at:

~ # of witty small trucks we have rented to take stuff that can't be properly enclosed in boxes (e.g. a loom, an alarming amount of rocks and about 800 pieces of driftwood) over to jylland: 2

clever truck #2 - we rent them from a company called "lej et lig" (rent a body) that started out renting out hearses
this one is an old postal truck and on the side it says:
"this will inspire jealousy on your car holiday. if your trip takes you to albania"
i'm still laughing maniacally chuckling to myself about that one.
~  time 'til big-ass truck arrives: approx. 12 hours (as of this writing)

~  amount of stuff not packed: 8%

~ amount of stuff that will just be thrown randomly into boxes labeled with vague things like "crap from back of upstairs closet" and "underneath the sink" and "bottom drawer of the refrigerator" (strike that, we'll just throw that penicillin experiment away): 8%

~ times husband has forgotten his own name: 1 (of which i have documented proof, there are probably others.)

~ times husband has completely made up new words, written them on boxes containing objects which already have perfectly good words assigned to them: 1 that i know of, probably countless others.

~ times husband has forgotten my name and sabin's name: 1 (again with the documented proof - which will no doubt come in handy during the inquest).

~ times when i have taken in The Enormity of Things in the past few days: 0

~ times when husband has taken in The Enormity of Things in the past few days: 3

~ husband's level of stress: high (for him, which means undetectable for normal mortals, but which completely freaks me out because hey, i'm the crazy one around here).

~ days i am behind on my calendar art journal: 22!!! (yowza! something had to give and that was apparently it - mostly because i had to pack all of my art supplies.)

~ sushi restaurants opening in our town as soon as we're moving: 1

~ times we sneaked out for sushi without the child: 1

~ times we went out for sushi with the child: 1

~ sushi we owe the child because she grilled me and i spilled the sneaky sushi trip: 1 (doubles as reason i should never submit myself to a lie detector test.)

~ days in a row we have eaten sushi: 2

~ days in a row we wanted to eat sushi: 4

~ people we had over for dinner at the last minute: 5

~ how much of the kitchen is packed: 8%

~ how much of the laundry is done: 98%  (it would be 100%, but people around here seem to keep wearing clothes for some inexplicable reason.)

~ how much stuff isn't going to fit into that big-ass truck: 10%

~ activities we have done to avoid the stress: playing cards with friends,  shopping for buying a horse, making dinner for 8, going out for lunch, going to the eye doctor and spending 30 minutes chatting away with her about inability to throw away baby clothes.

pretty water and ropes = lifeline to sanity

things for which i'm grateful:

~ it'll all be over soon.

~ my 365 photo project, which makes me take at least a little break/walk every day.

~ my neighbor can come and do the cleansing of the house.

~ the horse guy will deliver the horse next week, so we don't have to move her ourselves (now to find somewhere to keep her while we build a stable...)

~ the fact that all of you still keep reading. i promise i'll be back to reading and commenting on your blogs and flickr photostreams soon. i haven't forgotten you. and i miss you very much.

~ this too shall pass.


stephanie said...

Whoa. I'm impressed.

Anne said...

I agree with Stephanie. Moving is stressful enough for me with just one person's meager household of stuff (and no horses). I can't imagine the stress of moving a "grown-up" household, complete with child.

Makes me wonder how my parents did it once with one child, once with three, and one... two... three.... three times with four kids. At least when my grandparents were moving with their broods, the air force & navy provided strapping young lads to come in, pack everything up, and move it for them. (There was even a separate crew for china and other breakables!)

Thinking of you and hoping that everything goes smoothly with the rest of the packing and moving. And congratulations on the equine addition to your family! Sabin must be thrilled. I know I would have been at her age (still would be, come to think of it).

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Don't be too concerned about your husband. I, too, make up new words when I'm stressed.

I'm really impressed that your laundry is so far along. I am nowhere close to 98%!

rxBambi said...

those water pix are amazing. I haven't been keeping up with anything and I totally suck. But I'm trying to get my groove back.
I'm totally behind on everything. I knew you were moving (I haven't been under a rock...) but I don't think I've seen any pics of the inside. Looking forward to seeing some.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful any time you blog. You help me see the world in a different way.

We once moved 4 times in 3 years. When you do that, you do not carry a lifetime's accumulation of things with you. It's considerably easier.

Now we've lived in the same house for 10 years. That's really different, but I see how the stuff accumulates and little gets thrown out. I wouldn't want to move again soon.

So, do your move. Soon you can regale us with stories of your settling in. We'll wait.

Jill C. said...

I don't miss the corporate world, but I did miss your blog!

Anonymous said...

Phew! You are BUSY. I'm simultaneously dreading and embracing the thought of moving - we're nowhere near yet, still haven't sold our house. You're an inspiration, and you constantly remind me to maintain a healthy dose of humour. Thank you :-)

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with the move today!!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

mrs mediocrity said...

It shall pass, and we will be thinking of you as you move through it...hang in there.

Sammi said...

Hi Julie!

Sounds like the move is going well, don't be too stressed.. it will be all over soon, and of course we're reading still!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!

Suzanne said...

You really do have perspective. I think you've transgressed "moments" of perfect clarity. You are now simply "Perfect Perspective."


Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I'm flabbergasted that you can ven speak, let alone write with the tornado of a move around you. I found some bizarre hilarity at the notion of paying to move rocks.

imelda@etchetera etchetera said...

Hi, I just stumbled to your blog. I must say, you take amazing pictures... and you describe yourself as tropical fruits from a beach in the Philippines.. w/c is where I am from.. have you been here? Anyways, you might like to read my blog too... bec it's along the same lines as your (musing, adventures and pics)
beautiful beautiful pics!!!

Bee said...

Your husband really did forget his name?

One of your greatest lists.

Brian Bedell said...

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~C said...

Oh, Fairy Blogmother. I've been absent from Bloglandia for far too long (measurable in months-yikes) because of work and going back to school and moving, too. I'm only moving to a slightly larger apartment and am in awe that you can move 10 years of life and still find time to tell us about it at all.
Thanks for thinking of us. :)