Sunday, April 11, 2010

happiness 101

erin from dropped stitches gave me one of those blog award thingies - it's called happy 101 -  in which you list ten things that make you happy (thank you, erin!). after a really lovely weekend where lots of details of our move began to fall into place in earnest, a list of ten things i love was just exactly what i needed.

1) i love that within these nascent buds, while beautiful in their own right, there are future apples. nature rocks. (and yes, i probably should have cropped this, but i wasn't in an editing mood, so what you see (or what i saw) is what you get.)

2) beginnings. whether it's the beginnings of the peonies, just poking up out of the ground, or the beginning of a new job, or the beginning of life in a new home. i love the excitement of the beginning.

3) looking at things differently. from another vantage point. outside the norm. or just plain upside down.

4) blue skies. and magnolia buds.

5) the way the late afternoon light falls in spring in scandinavia. it's really quite amazing. especially when it falls on sabin, so golden and warm. it almost makes it worth the winter darkness.

6) lego. and their attention to detail. especially when they make a little horse trailer with range rover to pull it and a little horse. and you can transport your jump up on top.

7) renewable energy.

8) walks in the woods.
9) bright, colorful clothes.

10) things which are appealingly and inspiringly displayed.

what is making you happy right here and right now?


Shokoofeh said...

Love love love these 10 happy things! :)

Anne said...

For one, the batter for the blood orange polenta cake I just stuck in the oven. Another: the rain outside, probably the last we'll see until October. And yet another: the irises and ranunculus I bought at the market this morning.

I'm really enjoying these photos! The one of Sabin in the warm light is really lovely. And oh Lego, what would my childhood have been without them? I had a horse & jumping set, too, though without the trailer and range rover.

kristina said...

the photos in this post are making me very happy! so full of spring and loveliness!
glad things are coming together :-)

Karena said...

Your beautiful springtime images! Love your site!

I have an interview with Artist Robert Anders up on my site that is fascinating.

Art by Karena

mrs mediocrity said...

Your words and images, love the first one!
My brother's 50th birthday today, making him, tough man that he is, cry with the gift we all gave him.
Daffodils. How can you not be happy when face to face with a daffodil?

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

These bright colors are making me happy. That, and this beautiful Minnesotan spring. The bugs haven't arrived yet and it makes our walks in the woods just about perfect. I also have a pile of birch bark I collected this week and the possibilities therein make me happy.

Erin Wallace said...

Your photos are just beautiful! And I don't think I've ever seena picture of your daughter, who is just lovely (and I dig her tights). I was so looking forward to your list; I knew you'd create a beautiful one.

Deb said...

So much fun reading and looking! The photo of Sabin was gorgeous, and the wind turbine/clouds made me gasp it was so beautiful. Yea!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful picture of Sabin. Good to hear that your plan making to move to Jylland is coming along nicely.

Have a fantastic week and I'll see you soon.

Suecae Sounds said...

Some outstanding images right here.

Anonymous said...

What makes me happy right now? Breakfast. I love it.
And of course your ten happy thoughts.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

A couple of things that make me happy are: my family,having my surgery next Monday(after waiting a year)and a sunny day.

Tracy :)

PS: Glad to know the move is going well.

Anonymous said...

These pictures for one, AND knowing the move is going well. YAY! :)

Right now I'm so happy that spring has made it to southern Wisconsin that I could just bust!!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Happy, happy, happy!

Especially happy for renewable energy that's harvested without hurting people or the land!! So happy!

Smiling now, thanks for the list!

Manda said...

Isn't Erin such a sweetheart...
I love your photos, and your 10 things... I love the funky tights in the woods... I'd blow that up, frame it and put it in your daughters room. Just gorgeous!

stringsofpurls said...

A great list! Happy to meet you!

paris parfait said...

Gorgeous images! And don't worry, soon you'll be finished moving and settling in to your new life (which still will see many doors swing wide open for you). Up to my eyes in projects; will catch up w/ you soon.

Jill C. said...

Beautiful photos! Hope your move went smoothly!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Wonderful, happy, bright, blooms and flowered it!

Sammi said...

Borrowing your list :o)