Monday, June 14, 2010

loving monday

i know i've been harping on and on about the rainy, cloudy, cold weather we've been having and even i am tired of it (both the weather and the harping), so i thought that regardless of the weather, i would start the week by remembering that there are lots of things to love, so i give you what i'm loving right here, right now, rain or shine...

unexpected prezzies in the mail.
even better if they're a crocheted stone (all the way from canada)!
thank you delena!! 
more unexpected prezzies in the mail.
a sweet little book of amanda's own photos and a GORGEOUS card!
i wanna make little books like that too - waah!
thank you so much, amanda!!!
the variety of flowers i'm finding in our new garden.
picked this bouquet this weekend.
tho' the wind blew so much the past two days, this will be the last of the lilacs. (cry!)
stitching while watching t.v.
on my black-bean dyed linen.
which has changed color (on its own) to a lovely purpley grey.

more experiments in dyeing.
trying with those lilacs. i love lilacs, but i'll admit i'm not sure this is going to work.
and i love the light in my kitchen window.

i also love the girl effect, facebook (yes, facebook - i'm into it thanks to my AyePhone (which i also love) and the fact that you can choose "pirate" as your language), flickr and blog camp. and i love that my nephews, who currently are in possession of my sabin's iPad, refer to it as "the big phone." oh, and i also love the new blogger template editor (as you can see from my new look). i didn't change my old picture sizes, so if you look at old posts, the pix will bleed over into the RH sidebar. i wanted to remember when i made i the switch, so i left them.

maybe we can all change the world this monday, just by thinking of what we love and not about hating mondays (and that infernal weather).


Crystal said...

I love this post... and I agree, I would like to make Monday lovely. :)

inna karenina said...

lovely post! prezzies in the mail are wonderful and I just love those flowers in the photo!

oh, and I very much like your new layot:)

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful life :-)

Ellie said...

I'm very inspired by these photos... thank you.

Shokoofeh said...

Love love love this post. Made me totally happy!
Have things to say :

-That Amanda's card is truly gorgeous!
-Your flower bouquet is preciously beautiful!
-Are you experimenting with dyeing stuff?! I am so jealous!
-That picture by your kitchen window of dyeing cloths and lilacs is perfect!
-Love your new template so much! :)
-Love you! xo

Sammi said...

This maybe something I'll have to do later when I'm stressed, because I had a rubbishy shift and a crappy driving lesson.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Yes-Mondays can be wonderful even though I have to be at work at 5.30am!! :) :) :)

Have a great week

Tracy :)

Elizabeth said...

I do like monday's, a fresh start of the week.

Your template looks beautiful, especially the picture of the window. Maybe an idea for your dying adventure. Gerdiary has a nice post with avocado skins.

Have a fantastic week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting my Monday off right! I appreciate this post so much!!

Lisa-Marie said...

What a lovely way to start the week! Thanks for this.

H.R said...

the 3rd picture is lovely.

Delena said...

The picture of the rock came out really nice. You are very welcome. I enjoy crafting as you know.

Sarah said...

LOL - I just posted on my Monday being good this week too! Wavelengths reaching across the ocean?

I'll send some of our sun your way too!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am loving this post :-)

The black bean dyed linen peeked my interest and I was eating some while I read!

The new layout looks wonderful. I'm still trying to get my nerve up to have a look around and play with the new layout operations-- I mean "design" options since Blogger changed the too.

Have a wonderful week. It sure looks like it started off lovely!


Numinosity said...

It sounds as if you were sharing the same weather as I was experiencing here in Alaska for the same duration.
But while it was raining we painted the entire downstairs. I love that! and that my son came out to work on it with me. Now the sun has returned and my house is back in order and I can get sufficiently grounded enough to create again.
xoxo Kim

mrs mediocrity said...

yes. maybe we should all do this every monday...