Friday, June 25, 2010

looking for magic

i find myself thinking about everyday magic. mostly because there have been a couple of times this week when i really needed some and i wasn't very good at finding it. and i'll admit that i find it to be almost completely lacking at the office (tho' the special café in the canteen makes a very nice day-brightening latté that might almost qualify). but if you remember to look for the small moments of magic, they actually are there. a laugh shared with a colleague, a very good discussion that really puts you in flow, little nigglings of intuition that you just can't explain, a frivolous conversation about the superiority of mac (cosmetics, not computers, tho' those are also superior) paint pots and pigments.

it's much easier to find magic around home. especially if the sun should happen to shine as it did quite a lot this week. i find it's really easy to find magic in the sunshine. and i think i'm so much more aware of that now that i constantly think in the photographic potential of everything.

then there are unexpected things that happen that remind you of the path you may have lost sight of...and you come into a loom that you can have for free. and tho' you already have one, two seems even better. more magical, if you will. and you sort of want to fast forward to the time when the new blue room will be finished upstairs and you'll have space for those two looms to be set up. but then you remember that the everyday magic is found in the here and now and in the enjoying of the journey along the way. time goes fast enough as it is without wishing it to go faster.

so you think about paying attention so you don't miss any of the magic of the next couple of weeks - of time to be spent with new friends who feel like old friends (but are also technically new friends since you've never met in person), with old friends who feel like your favorite pair of jeans, to literally old friends who you hope you are like when you yourself are old, and to time spent with family - laughing and teasing and being silly.

i'll be checking in when i can, but mostly, i'll probably just be out there, picking up pieces of magic (and undoubtedly photographing them) to share when i get back.


Trina Y. said...

lovn the pictures ad of course all the magic!
I must get out and find some here somwhere! :)


Anonymous said...

yes, i must go in search of some too. love the new look you have.

Char said...

these are all absolutely magical - love the focus and the colors.

and yes...there is everyday magic, it's just being there when it appears.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The pics are so fabulous I was thinking their were little fairies just out of camera range.

inna karenina said...

love the thoughts about everyday magic, and you really have found it in your photos. they are beautiful!
have a wonderful time! hope you'll find plenty of magic there:) xo

Elizabeth said...

Have a fantastic vacation, enjoy the magic that will cross your path.

xoxo e.

Sandra said...

Great photos. I am looking forward to your visit. I don't easily become excited, but I am! All nerves and everything. : )

Jill C. said...

I find everyday magic in your photos! Just love'm! Have a wonderful vacation!

mrs mediocrity said...

sounds wonderful, and yes, these moments, the ones that matter.

Sammi said...

Awesome post, and its true, finding the magic in each day makes each day that little bit better x

Lisa-Marie said...

Your pictures look like illustrations from 'The Flower Fairies'. Full of everyday magic I'd say!

Anne said...

Wow! I go away for a weekend (or two) and come back and you have a new 'do! Love the new look, and love (as always) your pictures. Have a safe and fun-filled trip, and let me know if there's any chance you'll be making it out to this side of the country. :)

tiggertastic said...

such an interesting blog in so many ways

hope you have a good week

Sarah x

tiggertastic said...

such an interesting blog in so many ways

hope you have a good week

Sarah x