Thursday, June 10, 2010

wondering (or is it wandering?)...

things i'm wondering...

~ what happens to english (the language) when it becomes the corporate language of companies in countries that don't have english as a native tongue?

~ is anyone studying that phenomenon? linguists? sociologists? bueller? anyone?

~ if not, they should be (not so much a wondering as an observation).

~ why are little towns all a peyton place in their own way?

~ how little do they have to be to be it? and when do they become too big? what is the tipping point when a town stops being a peyton place?

~ what is it that's just so satisfying about the sound the shutter makes on an analog camera?

~ why does our school let out so late and go back so early? (of course, this is in many ways a good thing as a parent.)

~ when did my sister learn something about baseball?

~ and how is she suddenly up for a job coaching the cedar rapids kernels?

~ won't she need to be able to throw if she's the coach? or does the coach just bring the snacks?

~ why does the dollar start to gain value as soon as we're going there?

~ will i be able to finish all of the half-finished prezzies i have in mind to take with me when we go to the states in a couple of weeks?

~ will the sun ever shine again or is it going to be one of THOSE rainy danish summers?


inna karenina said...

the first thing reminded me of one text ( I had to read for an entrance exam, which was about what is going to happen to English when it comes more and more global language. it was really interesting but I am not quite sure if it answers at all to what you are wondering though.. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Peyton Place, hmm, love to hear more about that.

Char said...

it is my theory that peyton place never goes away and even though the entire town may not be involved in it, that neighborhoods become the mini peyton's (melrose if you will) and then sometimes, it carries to churches and/or corporate offices.

yes, i miss the shutter i ordered a vintage pentax k1000 so i can go 'old school'

we needed the dollar to gain a, you know that's why.

Bee said...

Well, I'm wondering how you got that incredible photographic effect . . . you clever person. LOVE that glow.

And yes, the weather was distinctly foggy/cold/mizzly/windy today. I'm trying to plan an outdoor party for later in the summer and taking a risk on the weather makes me REALLY nervous.

I agree that all small towns (and yes, neighborhoods) are Peyton Places, but I suspect that Char is right about wherever people gather.

We have lots of American visitors this summer and they are all THRILLED.

Lynette said...

what a lovely photo!

Deb said...

Beautiful! So traveling is on your agenda too! You never cease to amaze me! I posted before pics of our new place...come'll make you feel better, I promise!

Sandra said...

Yes, as Char said, when the town becomes a city, Peyton Place moves to the neighborhoods.

My word verification is 'fockene'. I find that fockene interesting.

Monica said...

Okay, Smartgirl.

Coaching in my case means; organizing the practices and keeping the lessons fun. Making parents aware of their duties, i.e., FEED your kid before bringing him to the game. Thoughtfully creating fielding positions so as to give everyone a chance to play key positions while simultaneously keeping the team competitive

Even you know these things about baseball - - ya gotta be able to CATCH the ball to play first base. Ya gotta make sure buddies Casey and Isaac, who are in the same class at school, are playing positions far away from each other.

And you, too, could holler advice at your batters. Like, "Be the ball!" That's excellent advice.

I'm gonna put you out there and throw balls at you while you're here.

And I'm not COACHING the minor league team in Cedar Rapids. Ironic, I know, that I might get a job with the Kernels during this summer of little league volunteering. Seems like a big promotion. But I'm just bringing the players their snacks.

I'm pretty good at bringing the snacks.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Whoa! That picture screams SUMMERTIME. It's fabulous.

Hope you get everything together for your trip.


Lisa-Marie said...

Beautiful picture! do you call the seed on a dandelion head 'wish fairies' too, or it it a Scottish thing? And do you make a wish if you catch one that's blowing in the wind?

The analog camera noise is satisfying because using one makes you feel skilled and competent!

Jude said...

Oh we do that: travel/move in the opposite way of the currency rise. It feels so good to get screwed over by exchange rates. Reminds us to never play the money markets.

And super so we have the worst winter in 25 years in Denmark and now we are shaping up for a gray summer? Hmmm...

Sammi said...

You should see some of the stuff we used to get in Spain when it was translated to English, I can't imagine what it would be like in a country that didn't speak English at all!

mrs mediocrity said...

and where is the person that has the answer to all these questions? They have to be out there somewhere, don't they?
My town was A Peyton Place while I grew up, but I think it has outgrown that in my lifetime...although my mom still thinks it is that way, she is always saying "did you know that so and so that got arrested or that is sick or moved to the other side of town?" I never know any of these people, but she still tries to keep track.