Monday, June 21, 2010

my thirty-thirteenth summer solstice

summer solstice sunset - 10:13 p.m.
i am decidedly not a religious person, tho' i'm fascinated by various aspects of various religions. if i were to be religious, i'd definitely worship the sun in some form. magpie girl suggested making a list of 8 ways to worship the sun, so i thought i'd go with that (it seems 8 things is a regular thing on her blog and not especially of significance to the solstice) on this, my thirty-thirteenth summer solstice.

1. create something for someone else.
2. ride a horse.
3. eat watermelon for dinner.
4. photograph the sunset.
5. breathe in the scent of fresh-mown hay.
6. bond with the child.
7. take a solitary walk.
8. do cartwheels across the lawn in the cool evening air.

i find that i could go on (and on and on, especially about the walk i took in the still, golden summer light down to our lake), but i will stop with 8. i hope you've fully utilized your summer solstice. if not, get out there and do it now!


Stacey said...

Looks so lovely!

rxBambi said...

that is a fantastic picture. I got called in to work today so my first official day of summer kinda sucked. Especially cuz one of my techs had to leave early and we were slammed.

BUT I'm home now and hope my sunset is as beautiful as yours (it's only 6:53 so I guess I'll have to let you know later...)

Oh, and it's crappy hot with heat index >100. Don't you miss the mid-western summers??

Barb said...

I like number 6!
Happy summer. :)

Char said...

i spent the evening in class...but i was revitalized. i thing that is a good celebration of the sun.

Elizabeth said...

Think I am falling in love with your pond.

Enjoy the sun today as well.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Love these photos! Wish I had a painting of one of these. I am decidedly not a religious person either. But find my spirituality in nature.

Sammi said...

Does anything live in your lake.....?

like loch ness?

Joanna Jenkins said...

All 8 are great ideas. Makes me wonder if I can still do a cartwheel anymore. hmm, I might have to give it a try.

Lovely photo, as always.

Happy summer,

The pale observer said...

Just realised that the anniversary of losing my son falls on the summer solstice.

It was such a hard day (wrote a sad post about the visits to the cemetery) - but thanks to you, I now know that it is a special day and will help me to remember him in a special way - and to do something wonderful in his honour each year. Thanks :)