Thursday, July 29, 2010

an interview with char of ramblins...

one of char's gorgeous shots
i feel like i've known char since the beginning of my bloggy life and i was so happy when she was the very first one to say she'd like to be interviewed. i thought maybe it would just be her and couple of others and that would be that. instead, it's a whole month's worth of goodness and inspiration (and not having to listen too much to my drivel.) so without further ado, here's char's interview:

1.  when you're feeling out of sorts, what do you do to cheer yourself up?  

If it’s just regular out of sorts, then usually it can be cured with a couple of different tricks. The first is treat myself to some small, small indulgence – like a coffee, a manicure, a new magazine.  I know that sounds a bit indulgent – but it’s amazing how just a little treat can fix up things.  Then to balance that – I try doing something to help someone else or treat them – this week was a coffee for me and then I went and ran an errand for my brother that he had been putting off because it just wasn’t “fun.”

2.  your summer drink of choice?  

Half & half iced tea (half-sweet and half-unsweet)

3. your one very best piece of advice for taking great pictures?  

Keep it simple

4.  "i really love it when..." 

my nieces or nephew spontaneously hug me and say “I love you”

5.  "i really hate it when..." 

I get in a rush because I always make stupid mistakes like spilling water all over the kitchen floor or break a dozen eggs when I drop the carton”

6.  fashion pet peeves?  

Leggings, muffin tops, guys in jeans that fall off their butts, dressing little girls like hookers, uni-boobs

7.  favorite nail polish color? 

OPI Romeo and Joliet (Polar Bare is a close second)

8.  your dream camera (if money were no object)?  

Hasselblad … I think.  Or…a Leica…or an SX70 with unlimited, magical supply of film.  I dream about cameras all the time.

9.  the lens you wouldn't want to be without. 

50mm f/1.8 – it’s a brilliant workhorse

10.  your favorite meal when you're in need of comfort food. 

Anything southern or soulfood.  Or…ice cream.  (a dream meal is always fried chicken with mashed potatoes/gravy, along with fried okra, corn on the cob, yellow squash along with a relish tray of homemade pickles and sliced cucumber.  Add my friend Lisa's cornbread and I'm in heaven.)

oh man, i want some milk bottles like that...
* * *

thank you char, for playing along. and the rest of you, do go and visit char's gorgeous and thoughtful blog, ramblins...and be sure to check out her flickr photostream for more of her beautiful photos, you will be so glad you did.


Tara Thayer said...

char is one of the sweetest, supportive, talented, kind, and consistently there for you sort of blog-and-flickr friends. (are you reading this, char? did you know i feel that way about you, well, i do.)
thanks so much for asking her some questions for all of us, julie.
xo, my american friend.

ps-i'm getting my act slowly together. will you send me an address?? pretty please?

beth said...

i love char....she's on my list of people to meet someday :)

kristina - no penny for them said...

oh, i so liked reading this. plenty of great ideas - like the pick-me-up strategies - and: great photo advice.

i'm so with her on the lens issue!

Char said...

*blush* thanks you all and thank you julie. you are so kind. and funny. i love some funny i tell you.

Mandy_Fish said...

I love Char too! I've been reading her and blogging buddies with her since Myspace. But she's not half and half, she's full-sweet.


Caroline said...

I loved this! always great to learn new things. And keep it simple...I like that!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Words of wisdom -- "Keep it simple".

red or gray said...

a wonderful interveiw .. her blog is a home away from home for me...

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, I love her blog, hers was one of the first I discovered when I fell down the rabbit hole...

sperlygirl said...

love her blog - what a great interview, char. i am right there with you on the soul food! :)

Kim said...

Ha! I laughed (and agreed) at her fashion pet peeves!

t does wool said...

Char is great...what a perfect interview!