Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what a girl wants...

305:365 blue pedi!

traveling with a rather spoiled perfectly charming and brilliant 9-year-old has me thinking about what it is a girl wants. and naturally, that makes me want to make a list. because what a girl wants is....

~ regular pedicures

~ to be listened to and appreciated.

~ an entirely new wardrobe.

~ pretty headbands.

~ pampering and recognition in a luxury hotel.

~ fabulous dresses.

~ and shoes.

~ a really good mobile phone case, preferably with lots of bling.

~ apps.

~ a very deep, very bubbly bubble bath.

~ to swim for at least an hour a day.

~ room service.

in general, all of this, plus conversations with old friends, has me thinking about how every season of life is the best one. what you've got is here and now. this is it. live it to the fullest, laugh your way through, love every minute of it. and hold onto it for all you're worth. right now really IS the time of your life.


rayfamily said...

I live what girls want... You need to check out "bling strings". Sidney got some yesterday, they are these awesome sparkly fine strands that are knotted into a few strands of hair at the scalp. Instant bling that is subtle and looks just like sparkly hair...perfect... I want some!

Barb said...

Eloquently put, as always! I totally believe in living in the moment. Being in my 40's is great (mostly) and I'd never want to go back. Well, maybe to 39. Never back to high school.
Since you are from here, are you doing a Thanksgiving there? We tried to do it one year when we were in Spain. Everything worked out but the cranberries. :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I love your list! The last sentence has made me do a lot of thinking.

Tracy :)

Char said...

i can testify that this girl wants at least 50% of that if not more.

nacherluver said...

sweet post!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Luvly list and many of those things are free or inexpensive, even better!

artist in the arctic said...

I love your blog Julie!!