Thursday, December 23, 2010

the day before the night before christmas

they keep claiming major amounts of snow, but it must be elsewhere in denmark, as it doesn't seem to be here. these sunshine and blue skies pictures are from yesterday, as it was a bit windy and grey here today. but we're (and by we i mean sabin) still anxiously counting down to christmas. of course, in denmark, they think it's tomorrow, but in order to extend the fun, i won't tell them that it's really the day after. merry christmas one and all!!


Elizabeth said...

no blue skies for us, we got SNOW almost all through the day.

gorgeous pictures you made again.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Very beautiful pictures, Julie!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Tracy :)

Meri said...

I can thoroughly enjoy these snow pictures -- especially the pine boughs with their twirl of snow and the seed pods with the little cotton puffs sitting atop them --- without one smidge of desire for a White Christmas here. Merry Christmas, Julie. . . even if the Danes have it wrong.

isabelle said...


rayfamily said...

Storm or no, it looks like you have lots of beautiful white stuff! We've been getting an inch or two here and there, and then ice...But we're headed to my fam in CA tonight! A Merry Christmas my friend, to you and the family!

kristina said...

it's been snowing here all day. merry christmas, dear julie!

inna karenina said...

blue skies here too, but not snow! funny how every year I complain about the snow and cold, but now without it I kinda miss it.
merry (and white!) christmas!:)

(they are not only the danes who think christmas is tomorrow, we too in finland!)

Pursuing Art... said...

Dear Julie,

I am sorry to be behind in getting my note off to everyone, getting ready for Christmas and wishing there were more hours in a day. I tell myself I will start sooner every year and still haven't truly accomplished that.

Last Friday, I received your beautiful Christmas ornaments (Elizabeth's exchange) and they are both so beautiful. I absolutely adore the bird ornament that you made! I love the holiday fabric that you chose, her gorgeous Swarovski crystal eyes and the beautiful bling you added around her neck too! She is lovely. The extra star ornament that you shared from the Philippines is so light and pretty! You didn't need to do that, Julie, you weren't tardy!

Thank you so much for sharing these ornaments with me. They are already hanging on our tree and being enjoyed. They are both treasures and will always be cherished!

Your photos of the snow are beautiful! So envious, wishing we were going to have a white Christmas! Stay warm and enjoy every minute of the holiday.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and every good wish for the New Year. ~Lisa

P.S. Julie, I had you for the ornament swap also. I sent your package (small flat rate priority box) on Dec. 1st and am hoping that you received it by now? When I track the package with USPS(Customs Form # on my receipt) shows that I dropped it off, that it made it to the sort facility at the airport but no delivery, yet?! Just concerned and hoping that you received the gift I sent you!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

No blue skies here either-- Just buckets and buckets of rain (but that's better than snow in my book :-)

Thanks for a fantastic year of photos and wise words. I'm a huge fan and appreciate everything you share with us.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, xo jj

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Beautiful images and lovely anticipation of all that's to come!

Best of everything to you all this Christmas and in the year ahead!

Sammi said...

does sabin still believe in santa? what are the traditions in denmark?xx

mrs mediocrity said...

Gorgeous. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with peace and love.