Tuesday, December 28, 2010

making lists

december 28 - achieve: what’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? how do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? free? happy? complete? blissful? write that feeling down. then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.

independent/free is the word that comes to mind. or rather words. but they're related, aren't they? because when we feel independent, we feel free. or at least i hope that's the case.

to do:
  1. make lists
  2. discuss them with husband
  3. discuss them with jude
  4. visit godaddy
  5. order MOO cards
  6. website
  7. creative thinking
  8. read the newspaper
  9. send some letters - real, old-fashioned letters
  10. action not procrastination
doing all of these things might not make my goal of feeling independent and free today, but they will be moving me in the right direction. best part of all, i've already done several of the items on this list. (by the way, that's the best kind of list: one that includes something you've already done, so you can cross something off immediately.)

* * *

this is part of reverb10, a month-long exercise in reflecting on 2010 and manifesting 2011.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

just love your lists, makes me want to make one for myself. no.8 the newspaper is the only one i don't get. but godaddy on your list is good news.