Tuesday, December 07, 2010

manifesting and reverberating

i keep reading about this reverb10 thing around the blogosphere. and while i'm not much of a groupie (oh please, who am i kidding?), i'm really enjoying the stories i've seen here and there and everywhere. and as we know (perhaps all too well), i'm a reflective sort of a person and i'm definitely up for some manifesting of 2011. after all, writing is the new praying (a concept i feel a bit like i lost sight of as 2010 progressed).

so, since's already dec. 7, i think i'll do a quick catch up all-in-one post.


dec. 1 - one word: as we well know, one word is a bit difficult for me. i'm a wordy one. and i hate choosing or committing myself to but one thing. you see, i like LOTS of words - challenge, beauty, peace, mindfulness, sophistication, travel, create, meditate. but if i think about what one word marked 2010 it would have to be change. we changed our home, our jobs, our entire lifestyle. 2010 has been all about change - changes we chose, but changes that were at times difficult nonetheless. if you'd asked me at the beginning of 2010, i would have said i wanted it to be about creativity, but i'm afraid it wasn't that. not nearly enough. and if i think towards 2011 and what i'd like to have it be about, it would have to be daring. i want to dare in 2011.

dec. 2 - writing: "what do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?" what gets in the way of my writing is that i drain my energy on things i shouldn't drain it on. but as of today (dec. 7), the main energy drain has been jettisoned, so i expect that to change already now in 2010. and i can't WAIT to see what happens in 2011 with my writing (and everything else) now that my energy is my own again.

173:365 light lilypads lake

dec. 3 - moment: "pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year." it was a perfectly gorgeous long midsummer evening. the light stayed around 'til almost midnight. the three of us - husband, sabin and i - walked down to our lake, which was as smooth as glass in the golden evening light. the reeds and iris along the edges, whispering in the occasional very slight, warm breeze. we launched our little old boat and paddled around, out to the gorgeous lilypads where i took photos to my heart's content while we laughed and talked together. tho' it was high summer and we were on water, there were no pesky mosquitos. it was just the most perfect, happy, golden evening, together with my two favorite people on the planet.

90:365 i can see clearly now

dec. 4 - wonder: i think a big contributor to my moments of wonder during 2010 has been my 365 photo project. the act of having to look around me and find something to photograph every single day often made me stop and notice my surroundings in way that i wouldn't normally have done if i weren't doing such an intentional project. i want to somehow carry that intentionality into 2011 (tho' maybe without being quite so slavish about it - and daring to take more photos in film only).

88:365 "there's no place like..."

dec. 5 - let go: it was a year of much change and i sadly let go of our old house, my blue room and my red smeg. i also let go of a most beloved professor. but i think the worst thing i let go of this year was far too much of my energy and to causes that didn't deserve that essential part of me. that's going to change in 2011.

24:365 winter watercolor

dec. 6 - make:  what is the last thing i made?  this relates to that energy above...i can't really think of what the last thing i made was and that concerns me. i sewed quite a bit for sabin in october and i made a christmasy centerpiece for the dining table with hyacinths yesterday, but i'm not sure that counts. i let that diminished energy make me less creative and that's precisely what i want to avoid in 2011. we're decorating a new bedroom for sabin for christmas and i'm going to start by making a cuddly quilt for her new room tomorrow when i get up.

261:365 the fabulous women of blog camp berlin

dec. 7 - community:  where did i find community in 2010? i definitely found it in the BC365 project group on flickr.  and when we moved, we found community in the real world on our new road - nice and helpful neighbors with good stories to tell. i was fortunate to find community among some really wonderful people who i worked with in manila during november. and i can't forget the wonderful weekend at blog camp berlin. so community both in cyberspace and in my actual community. can't really ask more than that.

i think this reverb10 thing is going to be quite cathartic. would you like to play along too? imagine what we can all manifest in 2011 if we just write it all down? writing is the new praying. i'm not going to forget that again.


Kathryn Dyche said...

It's great that you've decided to do it and I loved reading your responses to the prompts. You take such beautiful photography, I especially loved the reflection in the glasses.

rayfamily said...

Welcome! I'll tell you, I've love the feeling I get from mulling over the prompts each day...a great way to wrap up the year ;)

Shannon said...

I love your photography and your responses I'm catching up as well! Welcome!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for mentioning reverb 10 since I never heard of it before. Like the idea and the prompts are interesting to ponder over. So thanks again and I'll see you.

Lori Race said...

Great catch up on reverb 10! and I LOVE the photos! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


Debra said...

Glad to find your blog through Reverb 10. Beautiful photos and I like your take on all the prompts so far.

beth said...

i'm so glad you're playing. i missed a couple of days due to a busy weekend.....but i'm back on track now.

this time of year....a prompt is a good thing. some would say it's a gift :)

mrs mediocrity said...

Yay! so glad you are joining the party. (and thanks for the shout out).
while i am here i want to say that i am glad that i have come to know you this year, my world is bigger because of people like you.

d smith kaich jones said...

this is really good, julie, really good. really honest. i can't imagine you not making something, though - you were always the makingest person i knew.

amy also did a catch up like this, and i will tell you, as i told her, that i like it this way - like reading several at once. there's a flow i miss when i do them one by one. i missed today's, so maybe will save a few and do this. we will see. :)


my word verification is remess. i'm thinking remess10 instead of reverb10 might be a better title for so much of my past year. :)

Bee said...

These pictures are all just . . . AMAZING. They have such colour and light and originality and fun in them. You have a real knack for pairing your images with whatever ideas/themes you are writing about, and I love how this essay? proclamation? manifesto? exudes the creativity and exuberance you are striving for in the next year. You may have sometimes felt bogged down in 2010, but you wouldn't know it from these stellar photographs!