Monday, December 06, 2010

snowy scenes at legoland's miniland

copenhagen's nyhavn
amailenborg - where the queen lives
rosenborg slot - where they keep the danish crown jewels (such as they are)
it looks a bit like this helicopter might be in trouble. yet its rotor was still turning.
a street in bergen, norway
those are some cold giraffes
a snowy german village
wishing you all a happy monday!


Elizabeth said...

happy monday!!!!

even the word agrees: entloy


Cindy said...

Have a great Monday. What a bunch of snow. take care.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Great images, love it.

Shokoofeh said...

These pictures made me happy like a little girl! :)
I adore everything lilliputian!

heidikins said...

These are absolutely fantastic. Love!


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I love these pictures!
So much snow--which we had snow in Greenville.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

that's wish we had snow in Greenville:)

The Queens Table said...

That was fun!!!

Unknown said...

This is just a page of joy ... happy smiles on my face right now. Thank you.

Karen said...

WOW that's some legoland village!

Andi said...

Stunningly gorgeous photos!

Marilynne said...

I live near Legoland in southern California. I had no idea that each Legoland was unique to its place. I love the photos.