Sunday, December 19, 2010

it's all about the angle

i took these pictures the other day, just minutes after one another - one with the sun at my back and one facing it. both include the same frost-encrusted fence, sparkling in the winter sunlight, but it seems there's a huge difference. one a bit flat and bland and one dazzling. and i thought there was some kind of metaphor in it...for how you choose to look at things...whether you face them head on or turn your back to them.  whether they seem positive or negative. it's all about the perspective you choose. and looking at these, it seems to me that the choice is clear.

i'm not done pondering this one. as we approach the solstice, i have this rather pagan desire to have some kind of ceremony in its set the stage for the season ahead. and i definitely want the season ahead to be dazzling.


Elizabeth said...

Let's celebrate that the light will return no matter how dark it still is.

Lynne said...

so love this! A really great metaphor for a perspective, and a really timely reminder for me. Looking forward to following your adventures as you follow your dreams this coming year.