Saturday, December 11, 2010

11 things (x3?) or riding the jagged edge...

dec. 11 - 11 things: what are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? how will you go about eliminating them? how will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

  1. a job that steals my energy instead of energizing me.
  2. negative thoughts.
  3. fear.
  4. negative people.
  5. a depressing kitchen.
  6. anything that stands in the way of creativity.
  7. procrastination (ok, people, stop giggling, i mean this).
  8. low ceilings.
  9. not listening to my intuition.
  10. television.
  11. toddlers & tiaras
and how it will make a difference:
  1. i gave way too much energy to a job that my inner voice screamed to me, from the very beginning was a bad idea. but i've learned my lesson and won't ever do that again.
  2. the bad job exposed me to lots of negative thoughts and i have realized only in hindsight what that did to my creativity.
  3. i took the bad job because i was afraid to trust myself and my own abilities. 
  4. the bad job exposed me to loads of negative people, but i learned a big lesson about how damaging that is to my entire outlook on life and i won't ever let it happen again.
  5. my kitchen is still horrible and calamine pink, but that will change in 2011. i won't get my ultimate kitchen with the aga (yet), but we will do the "curry kitchen" and it will be a BIG improvement over what we have today.
  6. i'm not going to lose sight of being creative in 2011 as i did for much of 2010 - i let lots of things get in the way...moving, job, negativity...i refuse to let that happen again.
  7. i'm a horrible procrastinator, so perhaps it will help to put it here. writing is the new praying, after all, so now is my chance to say i'd like to stop procrastinating.
  8. our house is full of uncharming low ceilings and i feel them cramping my style. i won't be able to totally get rid of them 2011, but some of them will change.
  9. i turned down the voices in my head in 2010, much to my detriment. i won't be doing that again.
  10. i'd love to watch less t.v. it steals your time and your brain.
  11. sabin and i have a minor addiction to discovery travel & living's toddlers & tiaras. i think, for me, watching it makes me feel like a good parent. because there are seriously no people more dysfunctional than these pageant parents. unless it's jon & kate (yes, they're still together here, tho' i realize they've long ago split where most of you are).
but to end this on a positive, rather than a negative note,  i hereby list the 11 things my life needs in 2011:
  1. daring.
  2. positivity.
  3. writing.
  4. daily creativity.
  5. lots of gardening.
  6. knowing much more intimately where my food comes from. (we are getting pigs and chickens as soon as spring comes.)
  7. more time with friends.
  8. more time spent on the back of a horse.
  9. listening to  my gut.
  10. music.
  11. time outdoors.
what 11 things do you want in 2011?

check out more lists of 11 things at reverb10.


Char said...

i like your ditches and your aspirations. getting rid of negativity is always a good thing. the same with toxicity.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I hate negativity too!!! I hope to travel more with my daughter and spend more time on Tracy--I am still learning who I am after my surgery.

Tracy :)

Kathryn Dyche said...

Loving your list of positives for the coming year.

nacherluver said...

bravo! excellent list. love that you put the positive out there.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy for you.

Tui Snider said...

Toddlers and tiaras, eh? I did borrow one of your 'things to let go of' and added it to my post today.

I found you via Reverb10, by the way. Nice to meet you! :)


Meri said...

Oh you're so far behind if Jon and Kate are still together. Of course, you know all the poop from the media parade of bad behavior.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Chickens! Hooray! Can't wait to hear of your adventures. I think of you each morning when I let our chickens out and they get trapped behind the stray piece of fence that sits near their coop. The piece of fence that has been there forever. And is not attached. Nor blocking their path.

Have fun.

Numinosity said...

I want to come back to this and give it serious consideration, but for now I'm going to cheat and say 11 pounds. Thanks for the post!

xoxo Kim

artist in the arctic said...

you're so cool. i must take my friend (hi kim!) to lunch for introducing me to your blog...i like you more and more with each post : ) thanks for keepin it real!

mrs mediocrity said...

i most definitely want to spend more time in my garden as well. i missed it this year.
you are always brave, and i love that.

Marilynne said...

1. In 2011 I need 11 totally wonderful bloggers to challenge me.
2. I want more time for my friends.
3. I want to spend more time with my watercolors.
4. I want to finish both of my books.
5. I want to take time to enjoy the things I have.
6. I want to go to the beach at least once a week. It clears my head.
7. I want to watch more plays.
8. I want to see more art - especially in those little galleries where the up and coming artists show their work.
9. I want to blog about things that matter.
10. I want to do things that appeal to me - just because they do.
11. I want to get rid of clutter in my house. (That's the hardest one.)

Sam Davidson said...

Numbers 1 and 4 are great. And I love that you added what your life needs. I'm sure you'll have room for that in 2011. Well done and good luck!

Book of Ruth said...

I love your parsing of the eleven into three.

The shift from elimination to aspirations that you made was wise, every-time I strayed from the more material into the spirit centered changes, I kept dragging myself downwards.

Heather said...

What a good exercise. I'm going to work on my lists of 11 right now.