Wednesday, June 08, 2011

the first

red, juicy and perfect. 
the first one. 
not shared.

but that's ok.
soon there will be more.


heidikins said...

I just started salivating. That looks DELICIOUS!!


nacherluver said...

Yum! Glad you enjoyed it.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Yummmm! Are you going to make jam this summer!

Have a great week end

Tracy :)

Foxy Saurus said...

Ohhh... myyy....
Yum!! Can't wait until I move home so I can grow strawberries but until then one of my fav things about living in Scotland is the amount of fields full of them to pick and buy fresh :)

poet said...

Yay and yum! Good for you! Mine, alas, are still tiny and green...