Thursday, June 30, 2011

time to clear my head

i'm thinking about...

30/6.2011 a girl and a horse much i adore this photograph that i took today. it's one of my favorites in a very long time. many hours i've wasted that i'll never have back.

...totally changing around the living room.

...painting the inside of some drawers a surprising color. lulled we were into thinking there was real summer on the horizon, only to be (cold)snapped back to danish summer reality.

...a sewing/design problem.

...really being a vegetarian.

...the different reactions stress causes - sleeplessness, excessive counting, a sore jaw, curtness, snapping at loved ones, unarticulated and unarticulatable anger, cleaning frenzies (i could go on, but i'll stop here, since it begins to look like i'm in need of stress treatment). badly the garden needs weeding.

...reseeding some of the things that didn't seem to come up and whether it's too late for that.

...what a great week sabin has had with her friend maria. much i love the design (of the front page, not the little scrolly bits in the actual page windows) and (dare i say it) the down-to-earthness of GOOP. unintelligent chickens seem to be (standing on top of each other up on a little ledge where they're not meant to be, but apparently desire very greatly to be). on earth this can be true.  and is sarah palin shitting her pants now that bachmann is taking her flaky inarticulate freak for president role?

...whether i can apply for asylum in denmark if this lunatic beats obama (thankfully it's early days, so this may not be necessary). i know i read and really liked jonathan franzen's the corrections, but i'm reading it again and find i have little or no recollection of it and am a bit mystified by the passages which i underlined on the first reading. i must have been someone else then. much of a bust today really was. and how i'll never have it back.

...if i get a good night's sleep, tomorrow will be a fresh new day and i can begin again.


stephanie said...

Great post, J!

heidikins said...

i'm reading it again and find i have little or no recollection of it and am a bit mystified by the passages which i underlined on the first reading. i must have been someone else then.

I have read that a half-dozen times now, I love it. I write in some of my most personal books, the ones that change how I think, and it's always interesting to look back at those notes on a second, later reading.


Reena said...

Fun to take stock .... enjoyed this!

will said...

I wonder if Michelle (So what if my husband took $137,000 from Medicaid) Bachmann can also see Russia from her home?

Karen said...

Great post. I hear ya. Every word.

Palmer said...

Michelle Bachmann is blessing our state (IA) with a bus tour. Wonder if the founding fathers will be riding with her...they worked tirelessly to abolish slavery dont ya know????

beth said...

julie...can you see my blog today and help pass on this information about char ?
thank you so much, beth

Anne said...

I love, love, love that picture. They make such a great pair.

Loath though I am to defend Bachmann, I don't think she's flaky, and I think that's part of why she's dangerous. Incurious, unintelligent, and quite possibly delusional, yes. But she seems to know how to stick with something in order to get a job done, something Palin clearly does not. Palin seems to be in politics mainly for the influence/celebrity/money, whereas Bachmann seems to believe quite genuinely that she's been called by God to put her frightening beliefs into law, and will work very hard to get there. *shudder*

On that uplifting note (ahem), I do hope that today has gone your way more than yesterday did!

suzanna said...

great post! i also adore that picture... and now i'm off to paint the inside of my drawers bright colors because i just love that idea!

mrs mediocrity said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo. Michelle Bachman is scary, scarier than Palin. And yes, tomorrow is always a new day.

Pia K said...

i love that photo too, i'm a sucker for overexposures as they make most things so crisp, clear and obvious.

sometimes i think about those wasted hours, days, months and yes possibly years. try not to go there too much. it is scary.

you should DEFINITELY be a real vegetarian!!! we are the future!

and i can so and sadly relate to all those stress caused reactions. sigh. and not be able to sleep (without having a sore jaw) is probably the crappiest since a good night's sleep does rejuvenate both mind and body and releases a lot of stress. i've tried floating twice and if the sleep cycle app is anything to go by those where almost the only two nights i've had sound and decent sleeps for the last 1,5 year. maybe you should try that?

Bee said...

That picture of Sabin is so wonderful. Surely you can count it as a major accomplishment? But I know what you mean about days that just feel frittered away.

Stress: I get that tight jaw thing, too. Also lots of headaches.