Wednesday, June 15, 2011

illuminate me, please

why is it?

...that just when your haircut looks its best is actually about a week (or two) after you needed a new color?

...that danish mothers have convinced their children that you can't lick the bowl on your cookie or cake dough if there are eggs in the dough? i've been licking dough containing eggs for 40-odd years and i'm still alive. i suspect danish mothers are all greedily licking that spatula when the kids have left the room dejected.

...that bifocals make you completely nauseated?

...that the three-star LEAN guy in this house puts the silverware in the dishwasher all in one big mixed-up clump instead of keeping spoons with spoons?

...that our friend the pilot doesn't have a girlfriend? he's so cute, for an old guy.

...that facebook makes me feel so passive aggressive?

what are you wondering today?


keishua said...

I am wondering why my allergies are being so annoying.
How can I possibly read all the books I want to
& what in the world I will eat for dinner.

stephanie said...

I wonder why people don't cover their mouths when they cough. I wonder how I ended up being in accounting. I wonder why I let trying to fit in get the better of me.

Magpie said...

i am wondering where you got those awesome spoons and whether they're made of ceramic or plastic.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I wonder why life is hard for some people and not for others. I wonder why bad things happen to good people. I wonder why it's taking me for ever to visit england.

Have a great evening!

Tracy :)

Unknown said...

I'm wondering whether we should get private healthcare, whether I should just go and have a wodge of chocolate cake and if I do have that chocolate cake, will I ever fit into a swimming costume in time for our holiday!

julochka said...

the spoons are melamine and they came from the grocery store :-)

Bee said...

I was just thinking that thing about the haircut, but for me it's why does the haircut that is nearly-perfect become too long and hopeless in less than a week?

Do you have bifocals??? I've been having loads of headaches lately, and I don't want the answer to be "glasses."

Indiri Wood said...

Eric doesn't like the kids to have dough with eggs either. He does have danish roots though, so maybe that's why. But the kids have such big puppy dog eyes I give them the beaters/spatulas anyway.

celkalee said...

being a lover of all things kitchen, i have spoon envy. i am thinking why i have this passion of kitchen, dishy, glass things. perhaps because they are fragile, perhaps because they remind me of some lost memory from another life........a life that I would like to return to, now.

Spilling Ink said...

Why do corporate people feel the need to invent new words that no one understands the real meaning of? (Do they even have a real meaning?)