Saturday, June 25, 2011

the lazy days of summer

ahh, the summer holiday is here at last. friday was the last day of school, so now we settle in for staying up late, getting up late, relaxing,  some good food on the grill, days at the beach, a bit of floating down the creek on an air mattress. and a good book and the occasional glass of wine. i'm not entirely sure how this is different than most days, but we're already enjoying it. 


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

(no words needed)

will said...

Around here summer is really lazy. it's so lazy it hasn't bothered to show up. i'm still wearing a fleece jacket and the furnace is occasionally on.

As for floating down a river ...King County (Seattle area) has just passed an ordinance - rafters, floaters and swimmers must all wear life vests or get a $90. ticket. Swimming with a life vest! ... what's next - air bags for pedestrians!