Saturday, June 11, 2011

in the snail studio

a new canvas
why hello there sunflower!
a work in progress.
wait a minute, don't go, i'm not done yet!
hello, pretty sunflower.
not that way...
nearly finished.
i think this is my favorite shot - who knew snails were so flexible.
it's really weird how what i should paint pops into my head. 
the snail studio.
for those who were worried about the birds taking them, i painted feathers, so they'll think he's a bird too.

i hope your weekend is going well....


The Queens Table said...

That is so awesome! Love these photos!

Loredana said...


I love the 'I painted feathers on it so they would think he's one of them' comment lolllll

Are you going to be putting these pics up in a studio any time soon where we walk around with wine glasses staring up at the pieces looking in amazement?!

Andi said...

Continue to love this!

rayfamily said...

Love it! Hmmm I wonder if the paint brush tickles?? ;)

Meri said...

I can honestly say I would never have thought of doing this.

W.C.Camp said...

Ha I love it. It is funny that you tagged your post with 'snail abuse'. I had two pet snails and I wish I had thought of it. Doesn't hurt anyone or anything and it is REALLY CREATIVE!!! Awesome! W.C.C.

Menthe Blanche said...

I laughed when he saw this set of photos and your comments. Funny :)