Thursday, August 04, 2011

fixed 50 envy

my sis got a 50mm fixed lens. for her canon. and it makes me want one too. waah...


Cindy said...

Lucky sis, maybe your wish will come true....hugs to you.

spudballoo said...

no way...I thought you had a nifty? Quick...get thee to Amazon ;-) xx

will said...

Is that a film camera 50mm or a digital 50mm?

Film 50mm lens were often regarded as the "normal" lens for a 35mm camera. They were usually packaged together with camera bodies so first time users had a general purpose lens. Often these packaged lens were less expensive versions (f4 or f4.5) instead of a faster f1.4 or f2.

In practical usage, the 50mm is neither wide angle or telephoto and only the most expensive versions allowed close-up work. The 50mm can be frustrating to use - there are better choices for wider depth of field, cropping in the camera and isolating subject matter.

Generally, film 50mm lenses were set aside in favor of 55mm macros, 85mm portrait lens or a 35mm lens (slightly wide angle w/out extreme distortion). 35mm lens were favorites of street photographers and photo journalists doing human interest stories.

celkalee said...

Well, I don't know diddly about doo-dads, but the photo is beautiful and yours are as well. If you need that lens to advance your skills, a new lens it should be! When you start selling your work you have moved to another level, yes?

Loredana said...

Beautiful picture!!! You still take gorgeous pictures regardless of the camera. XO

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

I love this picture!

Have a great week end

Tracy :)

MissBuckle said...

I love my 50mm fixed f1.8, because it's cheap, it lets me shot in low light and it gives that really soft feel of a low apperture.

But I'm dreaming of a 35mm like Bill explained ;-) Ooooh, and a 85mm too.

Fixed lenses rock! The quality of the shots turns out so well.