Saturday, August 20, 2011

what are you looking at?

here's what i'm looking at:

this beautiful blog. 
and this one.
and the new skinny laminx catalog.

and i'm also...

coveting this magical mushroom.

reading the elegance of the hedgehog
(because we have a hedgehog.)
(tho' oddly there hasn't been a hedgehog in the story yet.)
(but it's beautiful anyway. i'm underlining every other line. in the library's book.)

dreaming about crocheting one of these.

* * *

hope you're spending your weekend wisely.


Plush Possum Studio said...

I've taken a tour of the sites you mentioned, and that darling little needle felted creation is so sweet!!!! What a delightful time you've given me here. A real pleasure.

Gretel said...

Ah, a big blue - what a handsome bun! I've just been totally waylaid by coming here and finding new blogs to drool over, and that scarf almost makes me want to crochet...almost...