Sunday, August 21, 2011

hello from sunday evening

it was one of those days where time stretched.
became exactly how much we needed.

the cows are as curious as ever.
the farmers in the neighborhood are harvesting their wheat and rye and barley.
sophus (formerly known as sophia) escaped and ran around outside the cage.
we rode the horse and bonded with the cat.

husband has started another building project.
a deluxe pig shed. with an attic.
it's right next to the chickens.
and they think he's just hanging out, keeping them company.
i'm personally thinking of squeezing them, to make them lay some eggs.
it's hard waiting for them to begin.

there was time to paint a snail -
with rather a modern feel.
raspberries were picked and preserved (with homemade vanilla).
and rosehip syrup was made -
for those vitamin c hits we'll need next winter.

homework is done.
everyone's bathed.
we've had a dose of kitchen inspiration.
we're ready to face a new week.

* * *

so cool: lost library project
baking for bunnies.
loving these thoughts on inspiration and breaking with old ways of being.
and feeling inspired by thoughts of a place like this.


Jess said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend.
Quick question - does it matter what kind of rose hips you use for the syrup? We have a ton of huge (almost the size of a ping pong ball) rose hips from our bushes, but they don't look like the ones I see in the recipe pictures...

julochka said...


i would totally give it a try. we used wild roses from the hedgerows and i was thinking the rosehips on those were a bit small. pick them, clean them, cut them in half (or more if they're huge), throw it all in a pot with some water and boil it up, strain it through a cloth, then take the liquid add sugar and boil it up again, then bottle it. it has an acidic taste and is kind of orangey in color (at least mine was). :-) i think it can't hurt to try with your the rosehips from your garden roses.