Tuesday, August 16, 2011

on collecting II: bobbaloos

back in january, i discovered kit lane's adorable little creations - the jacabunnies. she writes clever descriptions of them and they all have individual names and characters that make them special. we very quickly realized that one would never be enough. so we've got 17 (the little pirate one refused to line up for the group shot today - but that's how pirates are and you can see him from a previous shoot below). 17 is less than pia and possibly also less than dahnstarr, tho' she's pleading the fifth as to how many she's got.

since i'm down on etsy, i'm on a self-imposed moritorium on buying any more at the moment. tho' it doesn't stop me from WANTING to buy more. luckily, they disappear so quickly from kit's shop that one doesn't have long to hover over the buy button before they're gone, along with the temptation.

always included in her descriptions is a line about how much the bobbaloos loathe the barn kitties. so today, i set out to dispel that myth. here's the whole gang, hanging out with woody, barn cat extraordinaire. check out how he's even hugging the one that looks like samba.

and speaking of samba...we commissioned likenesses of him and solskin, our real bunnies, at the height of our bobbaloo mania (and i keep saying we, because this collection belongs to both me and sabin). we'll have to see if kit can do sophus (formerly known as sophia) and mira as well. commissioning needle felted bunnies that are the colors of your real bunnies is, i admit, very nearly taking it a step too far.

when i think about what is so appealing about the 'bobs, i have to say that it's simply that they're joy-inducing.  their sweet faces, even sweeter little bums and the way they really do each have their own personality, dependent on the set of their ears and eyes is just too much to resist. the fact that they have clever little stories that go with them only adds to their appeal.

it's also about quality workmanship and possessing an object that's unique. and about supporting an artist that's doing some truly special and unique. i keep trying to convince kit to move her shop over to big cartel so we can once again begin adding to our collection.


Pia K said...

yay, i want to be the first one to comment here so i will quicklt press publish!

a blog about the little things said...

Those little bums really are the cutest! I hadn't heard of jacabunnies before ... how is that possible? They are interminably cute!
Love the photograph of your barn cat being accosted (snuggled) by them. :)

Pia K said...

and you know i adore them too (no really?) and i totally say hear, hear to most every reason you've given for loving them so much:)

an extra perk is that they also go extremely well with el naturalista shoes (i still have more shoes than bobs though, hrm, not sure i should confess to that...;). and things, people, stuff that get a bobbaloo stamp of approval are awesome matters, people, stuff!!

Anonymous said...

oh these are soooo cute... and i love the pirate one!

Reena said...

Oh, these guys are so cute ... I'm in trouble!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Yes they are so cute!! Leroy is doing great in his new home and I am looking forward to more jacabunnies down the road--will have to hid them from Mr G though.

Take Care!

Tracy :)

Anonymous said...

I love these little guys too, but I don't know where I'd put them. When I figure it out, I'll see if they're still available.