Thursday, August 11, 2011

thankful thursday

rainy days (yes, you got that right).
because with the rain comes mushrooms and that means dinner!
yellow swamp brittlegills (russula claroflava) - absolutely delicious with our pasta dinner. and absolutely free from our very own forest.

special black canary island potatoes - growing in OUR garden! now that's what i call well-irrigated joy!
happy visitors on a sunny day
rainbow fingernails
real rainbows (you need a little rain to have a rainbow)
for more thankfulness, check in with miss buckle.  and please do play along, it makes a nice change from the madness of the world...


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Love the rainbow fingernails!

Have a great day.

Tracy :)

Karen said...

Love the rainbow fingernails! And yes, any respite from the madness of the world is welcome.

stephanie said...

Rainbow fingernails and a stick...what more could a girl possibly need? (Besides a camera, of course.)

Cat said...

Real, live rainbows and rainbow fingernails ... wow! Incredible set of photos!

♥ Cat brideblu