Monday, October 24, 2011

inspiration is as close as the library

i've been perusing jan messent's designing for embroidery from ancient and primitive sources, which i just picked up from the library. it's so fascinating i even let my coffee get cold! it was published in 1976 and tho' some of the embroideries and crochet look very 70s, i'm mesmerized anyway. we're a bit enamored of the 70s around here anyway, so it kind of fits.

for a person who thinks almost constantly about inspiration, it's an absolute goldmine - full of ideas on sources of inspiration and how to use them. i scanned a few pages, just of the parts in which messent uses the white horse of uffington, an ancient ground mark in berkshire, england, still visible from the air. 

she shows various ways of using the basic graphic outline of the horse to create very different things....a circle, a repeat, reverses, blocks, color, texture. it has opened my eyes to a whole host of new possibilities.

i'll be on the lookout for this book as i comb the flea markets, but for now, i'm grateful for well-stocked libraries and a service that delivers whatever i want to my local library for pickup, just within a couple of days.

where will your inspiration take you today?


--maria said...

My inspiration has taken me to a coffee house.. but only having to leave to go to work. I'll just sit here drinking my toddy .. daydreaming of one day visiting Denmark ;)

Corrine said...

What always impresses me about the ancient and essentially primitive art works is how modern and abstract they are today. Great inspiration pieces.

Elizabeth said...

Have seen a number of books of Jan Messent but never heard of this one. So you know what I'm gonna do... Yes I'm off to the online library!!!!


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

My inspiration takes me to Hendersonville, NC. I love the area and you can find so many nice yarn stores. My knitting teacher lives in the area.

I also love my library--I drive them crazy asking them to find books for me.

Take Care

Tracy :)