Sunday, February 12, 2012

the keeper

today is husband's (also known as the keeper) birthday. he's thirty-seventeen and mildly alarmed that fifty is only three years away.  but honestly, he's aging very well and somehow this seems like the right age. i baked him two kinds of brownies (raspberry truffle and raspberry cheesecake) and homemade buns to have with cocoa mid-afternoon. i was getting these yummies packed into a basket to take down to have a little skating party on the lake when i heard water dripping in the other room. turned out there was a deluge in both sabin's bedroom and the living room, thanks to pipes upstairs that had frozen during our cold weather and which were thawed out today in slightly warmer temperatures.

not exactly how husband wanted to spend his birthday or i our 13th anniversary, but there you have it.

we'll be without heat overnight, as it's the radiator pipes that froze, but husband has it all cleaned up upstairs and the plumber will come and fix it tomorrow. of course, the insurance doesn't cover it, as it's a bunch of pipes that were cobbled together by the previous owners out what they could find at the dump. but such is life in a really old house. the ceilings were made of repurposed pallets anyway, so they can take a little water and despite a having a little shower, even sabin's computer is just fine (big relief).

it was quite enough excitement for one weekend.


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Happy Birthday to the keeper! Ah, life's unexpected surprises....looks like you all have a pretty good attitude and are going with the pun intended! Make the most of it all....cheers! P.

c is for cape town said...

Happy birthday Man-Who-Makes-Julie-Happy ~ good job!
Does your heart just leap when you look at this picture of him? Lucky lady (despite the pipes).
Happy anniversary!

Elizabeth said...

Har en rigtig god fødselsdag JP.

Sammi said...

Happy birthday to your Husband :)

Anonymous said...


happy birthday and anniversary

sorry bout the pipes bummer.