Saturday, May 12, 2012

flea market loot

i've long been looking for one (or 14) of these bread dough troughs. i didn't really want one that was painted, but i was somehow charmed by this folk-art motif and the price was right, so i got this one today. i'd like to actually use it, but who knows what's in that paint, so i'll likely not. i see it as the first of a collection.

i found that most everything that caught my eye today was a bit 70s. cups, the teapot, the pitchers, the bowl and the pillow (oh, that pillow, i love it so much). i think it's because we listened to america's greatest hits on the way to the flea market. humming: i've been through the desert on a horse with no name...

i've been wanting some copper pans for a long time, if only to hang them on the wall, but also to experiment with small batch dyeing. i found these two at a stand where everything was 50% off. the handles are really cool (tho' you can't really see that here) too, so that was an extra bonus.

the small string of rustic bells and beads make a sound like they should be hanging on the door of a shop full of magical things. since i want to have a such a shop one day, i had to have them. i think times have been a bit slow, because all of the dealers were eager to bargain. it was a good day to be a buyer.

these cups are by nissen denmark and the pattern is called rune. these with no handles are actually sugar bowls, but i scoured several stands, looking for them, because we want to use them as cups. one crotchety older lady lectured me about how they were sugar bowls and not cups, but i didn't care. and ultimately neither did she when i said i'd take all she had. it's the best trip i've had to the flea market in years.

*  *  *

loving anne brodersen's amazing embroidery art. 


celkalee said...

You did do well. I have sworn off the sales, I really don't need any more "stuff!" Except maybe pottery and earthenwear jugs or antique iron garden ornaments or quilts, or ceramics.............

Numinosity said...

A super haul I must say. It's so funny whenI saw that pillow I automatically thought ipod case, I don't know why!
Copper pan envy here! Look forward to seeing some of your dyeing techniques.
xoxo Kim

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Love it all!! Would like to have the tea pot.

Tracy :)

Lisa-Marie said...

I love the pillow, and oh my, that tea pot. I makes my heart happy!

You could perhaps sand the dough trough. It might be more work that it's worth though.