Tuesday, May 01, 2012

sunshine, bunnies and change

and the week of awesome continues...we've got sunshine and 20°C. we don't want to come into the house at night, it's so perfect outdoors. so many good things are happening this week that not even the disappearance for several hours yesterday of this little sweetie could really put a damper on things:

and after much frantic searching, peaches was eventually found, together with her naughty brother velvet. we didn't even ground them after their disappearance and they got to go outside for the first time today. they tasted stinging nettles and then vigorously washed their little faces with both paws. cute in a tragic sort of way. and maybe a sort of fitting punishment for the whole escaping and hiding thing.

it's a good thing i decided to have a great week, because there's a lot going on and i'm having one of those times where you actually can see yourself changing and adjusting and becoming someone new by leaps and bounds instead of so slowly that you don't notice. maybe it's just spring...the air is full of the song of birds having sex, the flowers are blooming everywhere, the animals are having babies. not that any of those things apply to me (easy there, folks, i'm old!), but yet i feel the speed of the growth and change - i guess we're all just hurrying up to soak up some light while it's here.

i know that was rather cryptic and doesn't make sense, but i'm still working on it. change is hard and sometimes it happens kicking and screaming and sometimes it happens in one giant leap. it's all a matter of how you choose to face it. i'm glad i decided to have a great week this week.

more soon.


will said...

Please don't be opening a boutique to sell scented candles and Danish snow globes.

Spilling Ink said...

Oh, what was the bunny mum thinking not warning the baby bunnies about nettles? But, like when my cat stole a piece of pizza, hurridly scoffed it and realized too late that it had a big fat jalapeno on it, the nettles may just have been just deserts.

Spilling Ink to bunny babies:
File under Life Lessons.

Jasmine said...

It is may day and today it snowed here! So I will be vicariously grateful for your beautiful edible flower and *NOT jealous that you have them! lol. Instead I will appreciate the uniqueness of the seasons...

keep that positive intention! It'll come out!