Monday, May 07, 2012

fragments of dreams

door to another world
i worry sometimes about the world i inhabit in my dreams. about the ways it overlaps with my waking world. and the ways it doesn't. the odd cast of characters that show up over there. some who are thankfully no longer in my waking world and i wonder why they're suddenly in my dream world.  fragments of conversation from this side bleed over onto that side. it's like some kind of weird convergence where master chef meets the ghosts of boyfriends past in downton abbey. it's exhausting at times. i should probably watch less t.v. and stay off facebook.

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will said...

Subtract out the specifics and look at the process, what is left, what do you see? Is there a tangle of reality with fictions? Or perhaps you're experiencing consciousness attempting to sort random jigsaw pieces into a whole when, in fact, they are from different puzzle boxes.